Does anyone ever have esp like things occur with them having schizophrenia?

Extrasensory perception?

My pdoc said everything I told them was because I was SZ.

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What do you mean? :slight_smile:

Means anything I said a bit left of center was blamed on being Sz.
Pdoc thought everyone had a boring life like him, all else was a perception problem.


Hmm I see. :slight_smile: thought everyone had a boring life like him.

Hmm let me read your mind…glass’s

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Hahahahahahahahahah funny. :slight_smile:

I guess I shouldn’t have added the schizophrenia part, as having esp doesn’t have anything to do with being schizophrenic. Weird post sorry.

I’ve had moments when I’ve felt that way, yes.

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Thanks for sharing.

I think everyone has it (even muggles). Just so much rubbish floating in every bodies heads it’s hard to distinguish. Hard also to tell it’s not just what we pick up from our subconscious minds.

Was also a theory on deja vu going back to our cave man ancestors. There is a short delay for information to be processed by the brain. So in case of danger there was a sub part of the brain that processed the information faster. Which gave more time to react to it. Much like some of the larger dinosaurs had two brains for the same reason. As we have evolved and facing less danger it hasn’t been needed, but get still gets a wack of use sometimes. Giving us that sense of we have been through it before. I’ve never been able to find that theory on the net. So I’ve no idea if I’ve made it up or not. Kind of make sense though.


I don’t like those delusions…opens up other weird ■■■■. Like voices and thinking you can talk to people’s minds.

:facepunch: I’d take the boring life.


ESP has never ever ever been scientifically verified or replicated. 99% of research goes against the possibility. To believe in ESP is a very foolish thing to do.

The only way it could be possible is if there was a huge and ongoing cover up of some kind. That is even further out there.

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When I was younger I believed I was clairvoyant because I could often “predict” who was calling (pre-caller ID days, oh god now I feel old) or what commercial would come on TV, etc. Sometimes I predicted storms or snow days.

I have since realized that I have some kind of processing problem where something happens and I get very confused as to whether or not I knew it was about to happen. For example, I’m not sure if I “predicted” a specific person would call, or if I heard the phone ring, answered it, and then thought I knew who was calling before I actually did.

Lately I experience a lot of intense, disturbing deja vu, to the point where I feel like I have to do everything exactly the way I “remember” it happening “before”. Then I get paranoid – will someone recognize me from that previous visit? Will they notice I’m doing everything the exact same way? If I screw it up there’s going to be trouble! … I try to tell myself it’s just a fleeting sensation and it doesn’t actually mean anything, but that doesn’t always work.

If I had never been interested in ESP as a kid, I probably wouldn’t categorize these experiences as such.

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Gosh some people just don’t get the power of the human mind. True hidden power you don’t even acknowledge it…

Nah man. It’s a fun idea but it’s best to keep that third eye closed.

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Lol oh ok I understand. :slight_smile:

Otherwise you might do it wrong and become some telepathic enemy of the state in your mind. Or get aliens ping you all day or demons.

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