Is our Sz-experience explained in a right way?

Because, if you think about it, we must to be very ill then, that our own analyses are not real.
It’s almost like too bad to be true that our brains make this all up.

I think it’s the case that we are very ill. :frowning:

And you don’t believe some of us are Sz’s and some might have something else going on?


The WHO lists schizophrenia as more disabling than blindness.

No. Delusional thinking.

Where’s your evidence? And it’s analytic thinking not delusional.

I’m relying on Occams Razor. I’m also not accepting your delusions of being special as evidence. Sorry, you’re just a garden variety nutter like the rest of us.

Nutter? That should give the mods a reason to ban you mr. dinosaur.

Dude. You recommended that I see a ufologist for my physical issues because it could help. That’s out there. That you don’t realize it’s out there is a huge red flag that you’re not exactly firing on all cylinders.

You don’t have to read my stuff. I have my own theories and have all the rights saying them out too.

You don’t have the right to come onto a recovery site and post stuff that encourages delusional thinking. It’s in the forum rules.

Well and that’s why I leave this place soonish. I want real talk.

I’ve read somewhere that schizophrenia is a a self disorder. Idk where I read it but it was a real interesting read. There are multiple publications on it though. But basically one suffering with schizophrenia loses their sense of self, and what separates them from the world becomes limited. Or something like that.

Its an interesting question. Sz experience can be explained from phenomenology perspective and others. My experience with sz was not all bad and I had some fun being completely out of it, but the experience of hospitalization and stuff I guess is meant to in some ways make the experience bad. As far as medical is concerned I was decided to be a danger to self and others multiple times which frames the situation a certain way but my experience would likely not be endangering others or myself. So there is a detachment in many cases to how sz is portrayed and how it is experienced.

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