What Would You Be Willing to Bet that There is an ESP Extra Dimensional Extension to the Ordinary Conscious Awareness Phenomenon?

In other words have you ever in your life thought that beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is ESP that is involved in our conscious awareness?

Or have you always believed that conscious awareness is only a one dimensional phenomenon without any two sides to our thoughts, feelings, or 5 senses that can at times involve other beings, people, or extraordinary senses into any phase of reality such as other dimensions of reality, the future, the past etc?

In brief do you believe or have you ever believed there is a back door to your thoughts, feelings, and awareness of your 5 senses, or is there no connection to be made to any of these three parts of your consciousness making your the invisible mind within yourself limited like an island of consciousness?


Mr. Niceberg

By the way I at one time was telling my psychologists that I believed in no ESP, but I was definitely believing I was tapping into some kind of ESP things. My understanding of myself has change, so what I think about my mind’s essences has changed to.

Mr. Niceberg

@Niceberg. Most of your recent threads and posts have been on ESP. Can you try to keep all the ESP posts in one thread rather than opening new threads on the same or similar topic?

Ya, I’m attempting to figure out if it is common among the sz culture to at some point go head over heals in love with the idea that there are more sides to their minds’ mental effects, or did they just one day wind up as mental patients? This has to be answered. I perfectly respect you complete understanding of someone who has had sz for 20 years out of his life to try to congeal with his sz community, and find some common ground and navigate a strategy exit route out of the predicament we find ourselves in today.

In no way am I promoting ESP, so anyone of you are reading this, don’t confuse the moderator, and blast to those caring people about my trying to make people believe in ESP for some kooky reason. Haha.

I’m just an sz solving the biggest problem in his life and many other people’s lives. Thank you for any and every post you’ve ever replied to me with.

Mr. Niceberg

I think that our brains are electric and can be tapped, read, altered, controlled.

I also think that we exist in a web of interconnected energy that can be used to connect to any mind in any universe or dimension.

I’m going to stop now though as i am probably at risk of getting banned again, sorry if this is a banned kind of post, i’ll stop now.

P.S. People should not plant more people for a time world wide. Unfortunately though they are total sex fiends and think it’s for fun and not planting.

Pan, what age in your life did you start to bet the entire rest of your life on this world view, so that you could live it out instead of live out the life like most other people with the ordinary world view?

And has your life become more or less successful financially, socially, or intellectually? In other words have you been able to increase your wealth, increase the number of friends and bond within your family, and have you increased any kinds of expertise…all or any of which these have improved since you placed the rest of your life back then when you were younger on the table to bet there is extra dimensional ESP?

Thank you so much for your reply. I think if you tinker with my questions without going too far, you won’t fall overboard and the moderators will not frown on you.

Mr. Niceberg

Now that I think about it, it is unusual to bemoan the topic if ESP, Beam, when the entire sz community is locked in the mental vault of the assumption is an ESP dimensional side to their psychological effects (Extra Sensory Perceptions) within themselves connected beyond themselves.

In other words the root of the sz community that causes us to be on this forum isn’t cause to try to slow down except when people try to promote all of the forms of cultish faiths on this forum that will make people more sicker.

No complaints from me here though. I’m exploring the subject.

Mr. Niceberg