Does anyone else think their therapist is plotting against them?

So I’ve been seeing my therapist for like 4 months, and idk I just feel like she’s gonna do something to me. I’m not sure if she’s planning to kill me, or get me locked up, or hurt me or what. I just can’t shake the feeling. Also I feel like she keeps giving me weird looks like she’s waiting for me to mess up so she can do whatever it is. it’s stressing me out!

Welcome! Why can’t you go on meds? :slight_smile:

What do meds have to do with anything?


I highly doubt your therapist is plotting against you. I know it might feel that way, but try to remember it’s most likely your insecurities or paranoia playing tricks on you.

I can understand it’s stressful to feel that way all the time, but try to remember she most likely wishes you well. The looks she’s giving you can be because she’s trying to get a read on you, to know what’s going on in your head and try to help you the best she can.


meds do help! 1516256899

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Idk it’s just I had really bad experiences in the past with therapists and I don’t want to get screwed over again. And it’s like maybe I’m being paranoid but what if I’m not? what if she’s actually doing something? Like how can I tell?

I can’t do meds… sorry

meds is what helps u not have these delusions and paranoia!!

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you can’t tell for sure but probably it’s your paranoia.
I had the same feelings for hospital doctors, that they would hurt me, imprison me, make experiments with my head.

why not? it’s a habit. get used to it.

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Dude I’ve had doctors hurt me and do experiments on me so it’s not 100% delusion for me and seriously I can’t take meds for personal reasons.

Why can’t you do meds?
Have you tried them long enough for the initial side effects to taper off and the real effect to start working? (2 months)

And also, you could always ask her. She’s your therapist, and she should know as much as possible about you in order to best help you out, so if she doesn’t know about those paranoid thoughts, she can’t help you with them.

It’s against the law to conspire against patients, and frame them for things to get them in trouble. Try to imagine what she could possibly benefit from laying evil plans against you for no reason. My guess is there won’t be much.


what kind of experiments?

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I was a guinea pig for new meds that they were trying out the side effects were horrible and I ended up in the hospital because of it. Not to mention withdrawal symptoms sick. But other than that I don’t do meds cause of childhood trauma. It’s a huge trigger for me and makes me sick.

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and how do you cope with positive symptoms?

Well maybe but how do you even do that you can’t just walk up to your possible murderer and be like “hey do you want me dead?” Cause they’ll never admit it :confused: but idk what she’d get from it but still.

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asking if anyone else is feeling the same way is like knowing that is a common theme-paranoia for many patients.

maybe you dont trust her. find another pdoc.
I dont trust my latest pdoc. I prefer my previous one.

Well maybe I wanted to see if anyone else had this problem and how they dealt with it???

i had the same and meds helped. but if you dont trust your pdoc it’s futile. find another one

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