Does anyone else think their therapist is plotting against them?

And I can’t just keep switching doctors I’ll never get anything accomplished that way

if she is dangerous for you you can switch. do you believe that all pdocs are dangerous?

I can’t do meds like it’s not a choice I can NOT do meds.

then you have to deal with paranoia and fear and anxiety.

And yeah I don’t trust doctors cause of my trauma

then why do you keep on seeing one?

Because my life is in shambles and it’s taking all my energy just to stay alive. It’s a struggle but I’m trying wtf

I was suicidal till I started meds, they help with the suicidal thoughts.

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you didn’t answer my question. why do you see pdoc if you dont trust her?

Because I’m scared to leave her since she knows so much about me plus she’s the 13th doc I’ve been to this year and I’m sick of looking. And if she’s not plotting something I feel like we could accomplish something.

I can’t do meds I’m sorry dude I really can’t

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ok. good. she may not plotting. that’s good.

If you don’t want meds then you’re probably not that bad and can handle it. If you really needed help you’d be actively looking to take anything that would

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Ok so first of all rude.
second of all you don’t know anything about me
Third thing get off your high horse I am doing the best I can with what I can and I fail to see how swallowing something that throws me in to a God damn panic attack full of flashbacks and other great ■■■■ is supposed to help me so just stop.

don’t have that aggressive tone. @Moonwalker was not rude. we are trying to help you.

There are pills for panic attacks

Yeah can’t see how this could be taken as rude if i really needed help. that’s just rude.

I can’t take pills cause pills = panic attacks. What part of trauma is not sinking in here?

Look maybe I didn’t have the right words to speak more elequent but where theres a will there’s a way and if you want relief you have to take the proper steps to find that. This is a brain disease and needs medication to treat. I know all too well first hand. And yes I’ve had sever paranoia too

There are things other than pills. Oh my god your saying if there is a will there is a way, but you are contradicting yourself by saying meds are the only way. I have the will to do things to try and improve my life without meds. I don’t care if you don’t believe that I can accomplish anything without those poisonous things. It’s my life. I can’t take pills. End of story.

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