Scared of my therapist

I know this is irrational and doesn’t make sense but my mind is telling me that my therapist is part of satanic cult that looks for potential saints and they are looking to capture and torture them. I have faced similar kinds of fears in the past. It’s taking all my strength to assure myself that this isnt the case but I still have this irrational fear. All i can think of what I can do is just wait the experience out and show myself that it isnt real. Any suggestions?

I struggle with irrational fears too. I’m sorry I don’t have any ideas but I look forward to seeing other people’s suggestions.

keep on the meds. They should help such thinking. Turning up is a good thing. I’m sure you’ll find it goes well and your fears were unfounded. Try to keep stress down. Stress increases symptoms in most folk.

my therapists, both of then, used to say mean things to me, and to use implicts offenses, i used to think mines where part of a satanic group to numb me down, cant say if i was right, but know that there are people who used to believe in that too

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