Does anyone else love going to the library?

I think it’s so calming and it helps with the voices too.


Haven’t been to the library in months… visited coffee shops quite a bit over the summer…different thing though.

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i like the smell of books :books:
…but don’t let people see you smelling the books :bookmark:
…also this should not be done in a bread shop…
don’t smell the bread !?! :wink:
take care :alien:


yea i love it too. i just went 2 days ago. i love to read. it calms me down and helps with the voices also. now i want to go read. lol thanks for that reminder that i have books. thanks lol


I used to. When i was kid, and back in college. I would stay for hours.
I cant read nowdays. Maybe someday when my brain recovers.


I would definitely hear voices in that silence.

For me, the louder it is, the louder the voices are. It’s like they have to talk over it. When it’s quiet it’s like they whisper to me.

I love our libraries… I also love the smell of books and the tranquility of the place… the gentle pace…

We have some great ones… the art… the nice people… the pretty librarian with the blue and purple hair that flows to the small of her back…

I go to the library all the time…


Can’t even remember the last time I went to a library or read a book

I used to go to the libraries, both the community ones and the university ones. In particular, I like to have a cup of coffee there and pick a newspaper. It’s so tranquil inside the library.

I actually worked at a Library for a while and when I was on Risperdal reading calmed the voices down. I read everything in the encyclopedias my parents had growing up and mainly learned a lot of history from that experience. I didn’t read much fiction until I worked at the Library and read some of the classics at that time like War and Peace, and A Tale of Two Cities, along with more history books. My ability to read helped when I went to college again to get a associate’s degree in History a few years ago. When I was younger I tried my hand at Meteorology and science and kept pressing on in spite of obviously being weak in those fields and in the end dropped out when the voices hit. It was my father’s idea to take Meteorology although I must admit I loved the weather so it was not completely his decision. I will always be curious to know how far I could have gone in school if I took History in the first place. I still like to go to the Library today although I have less access to it than I used to.

Oh good, I never smell the bread in a bread shop,
but, I do SqUEEze it when no one is looking.

I spent so much time in the library growing up that after I turned 18 and still hung around in there, I’d help people find the books they were looking for by memory of their location- they were pretty surprised to learn I had no idea how to use- and never had used the card catalog.
(that was years before the computer was born…)


i love librarys :european_post_office: …but the way they sort the books :books: on the shelfs confuses me, i still don’t understand it !?!
that is pretty smart of you, to be able to do that…that sounds like a photographic memory. :trophy: :smiley:
take care :alien:

the library is cool but i like music shops better, just wish i could listen to some music before i buy, i go in and i’m like ‘whats that?’, ‘whats that?’

**Could not live with out books!
kindle? NO! :see_no_evil: **


Sort of like that, but I ran out of film.

I could never understand that creepy little card catalog…Glad it became obsolete!

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Nah, since I found Scribd and Oyster I pretty much never have to leave my bed or my apartment, I’ve gained maybe 10 lbs but im American so its to be expected, in fact here weight gain is a sign of prosperity.

Sadly,our library has “Modernized,” – cut its book collection drastically in favor of computers and DVD’s and children’s entertainment. I don’t go there to browse the stacks of books any longer and I miss it greatly. :fearful:

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I used to go to libraries last year to escape from noise. I would bring my own books and read them there. The college library here in town has great periodicals.

I don’t get to go very often, but when I do I enjoy it.