Lol I was afraid of the librarian

There are several schizophrenia books in the library, some highlighted on this web site, I would like to read or reread if I read them years ago. But I have been afraid to borrow them cause the librarian would know this about me so I have been reading about depression, codependency and today I borrowed some feminist books that truly interest me as well all of these. Then today I learned in class the govt can subpoena your library borrowing record if they want. Good grief, I come across real well. I think I will borrow the sz next time as soon as I accept feminism is not a bad word and why again, I think i forgot for a while since my under grad days in the 90s. Who cares what the librarian thinks anyhow. desimb


I am ok with buying books on schizophrenia and bipolar - no problems

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This is being fought against hard core now that the NSA has been caught over stepping it’s authority. So for now, libraries are finding ways around this any way they can.

I have a deep crush on a librarian in the Main branch and I do try to talk to her when I see her. I asked her and so far in a big city like Seattle, she can’t recall one subpoena happening yet. The gov tried to sword rattle for a specific trial, but the library found a way to get an injunction.

Librarian’s don’t judge you on what you check out. People are in school and have to research all manner of stuff. Anything that would really be considered questionable doesn’t get put on the shelves anyway. (like the home how to guide to bomb making) not on the shelves.

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