I am in a beautiful public library

and enjoying it. there are computers available here and the physical aspect of this library is exquisite.

I worked a few hours today (I work sundays too) and this is fun.

I can take home some magazines and just look at the pictures if I am too lazy to read.

I am picking up pizza for supper with greek salad. what could be better?



I LOVE libraries.

I love the big cathedral like ones and the small cozy ones.

I love the smell of the paper and the calm feel of the space.

Very cool you get to spend some volunteer time in there.

Your right… some salad… some pizza and a good book… that is the Best Sunday I know of.

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It’s always heartening to hear that someone is doing well. Good cheer can be catching.

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thanks so much crimby. judy

For some reason they like to call my local libraries “Discovery Centres” and put cafe’s in them, it’s not a damn book shop :wink:

But I like libraries too, it makes a change from being sat in my room on my pc all night.