Libraries and symptoms

I was at the library today. I thought back on my time at the library, since I developed schizophrenia. For me, it is almost always more peaceful there, and my symptoms are less severe. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Or, had the opposite experience?


An aquarium brings my symptoms down a bit…

Library sounds real nice too


I haven’t been to an aquarium, yet. How often do you go?

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Haven’t been in years!!! I went last though in 2015 when my symptoms were at their worst though and I remember it being peaceful… I should go again.

Your post reminded me of it


For some reason I feel better around books sometimes. A bookshop has a similar effect on me. I love reading, it’s pleasant, even short stories. I like book titles as well and use imagination what the book is about, I think it’s called preface.


Two things that make me feel calm/safe libraries and for some reason hoodies


Beanie/hoodie and a wife beater were my go to for awhile when I was crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With the hoodie unzipped and over my head/beanie

Was wearing it all in 105 degrees heat once

Then I ditched the wife beaters after I stopped working out

Now just a hoodie and beanie, still must do.

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Libraries are nice.

Especially when they have computers.



The library got me started on stocks a while ago. It was one of the books on display.

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There was a while I found the library had a laxative effect on me.

I work on a library. Can confirm less symptoms there.


I find the same thing when I am completely alone in Nature.

Hmm. . .

I Enjoyed My Personal Time During My Few Short Lived Library Experiences.

Looked Around. Tried To Find Anything That Seemed Interesting.

Everything Felt Out Of Date. Slightly Obsolete.

Now Long Ago, During My Stay At A Local Grade School.

Our Teacher Gave Us A Requirement To Read, ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’.

Which Was Enlightening.

Which Led To Edgar Allen Poe.

Which Led To Maya Angelou.

Which Led To Jack London.

Which Led To George Orwell.

Which Led To Robert Anton Wilson.

Which Led To Endless Rows Of Philosophers And So On.

In The End, I Find Most Reading Material Sadly Boring.

I Need Quick Clips. I Need The Point At The Glance Of Attention.

Otherwise You’re Wasting My Time.

I May One Day, Write My Own Spiritual Poetry Book.

I Have Been Recently Astonished At Some Of The Reading Material I Have Been Able To Witness.

Jus Quick Books With Speakers Who Are Solid, Direct, And Don’t Waste Any Effort Or Time.

Jus My Cup Of Tea!.

But!, Libraries Have Their Place. And Always Will Remain True. Especially For The Young At Heart.

Which Is Good For Mental Health Of Course.

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May my heart always be open to little birds who have the secret of living. Whatever they sing is better than to know
And if men should. not hear them, men are old. ee cummings

Yes. Libraries are calm and quiet. I like them

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Hmm?. . .


I Have Heard Of Thus Individual But!, Never Looked Into. . .

I May Look Further Now Into That Dark Night.

Thank You.

Have A Blessed Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, And Or Night!. :right_anger_bubble:


I’ve been reading snatches from his first book - Tulips snd Chimneys. More traditional styles than his signature forms. Lots of sonnets -

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Hmm. . .

Thus Is A Word That Has Been Missing From My Vocabulary.

I Shall Delve Into That ‘Kid A Blip’, Soon As I Shall Have As Of Seen.

Singing, Songs, And Singing, The Sing’s (!!!).


Please Accept Thus Playlist As A Gift For The Light You Brought!.

Some Sonnets For The Library In Thus Thread For Anyone Who Still Believes!.


Don’t Singalong Too Loud, People Are Trying To Read!.

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this is gonna sound weird but when im hallucinating the best way to feel safe for me is over the ear headphones blasting heavy metal. it drowns out the screams i hear