Does anyone blame themselves, genetics or other people for having sz?

What do you guys think?

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yes, all of those

I don’t think anyone could have told me

growing up that I’d end up with major disability

it took me years to believe it myself.


some people are ■■■■■■■ with me… making things worse… I don’t think they intended to but that was the final outcome… now I have to deal with it. I don’t give a ■■■■ about genetics.

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I try to be thankful that I have the health problems I have instead of worse ones that would have been more debilitating or deadly. I don’t like shouting into the wind. Waste of energy.

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I don’t believe I’ve ever said, It’s not fair

to myself or my disabled kids

you have much more power this way.

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I’ve wondered if I could have changed it by making certain life decisions. If I ate healthier, if I exercised more consistently (even though I was working out 4-5 days a week), if I spent money more wisely, then would I not have crashed? My treatment team and husband tell me this thinking is futile, that I could not have prevented it.

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yeah, I agree with your husband

my family might think it was having two disabled kids

no way

that didn’t do it.

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I blame genetics (my dad is delusional and was also sectioned) and I blame myself. I got depressed, paranoid and anxious over a few years which ultimately led to psychosis/schizophrenia.

It is NOT your fault! That’s the progression of the illness. It does NOT represent your work ethic, ability, perseverance, resistance, or endurance! You didn’t cause yourself to become sick!


I blame

Myself (I started smoking at 26)
Genetics (I was predisposed)
Other people (Family stress from my father in particular)

@everhopeful! I don’t understand! You blame yourself, too! It’s NOT your fault! Does your treatment team tell you not to blame yourself?


I never discussed it with them. But things went downhill fast after I started smoking though.

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Today I’m feeling down saying it’s not fair it doesn’t seem fair. That’s what happens when you compare yourself to others like I did yesterday

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Oh I’m sorry @Jonnybegood
Comparison is hard. I attended a family Christmas party yesterday and it was hard not to compare.

What are some things you can tell yourself to help you?

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my son breaks everything in the house

radios, lamps, VCR, colors on CD’s, colors on family pictures,

every toy he’s ever had, crayons, markers, salt in the house plants,

water turned on outside, toys inside the furnace vent

what could I do but give him that freedom.

I don’t know what I can tell myself other than”this too shall pass” because it always does. I also realize I have more gratitude for what I do have then the person I compared myself to.

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A lot of the times i blame myself and the decisions i made in my early 20s. But then i remember i’ve been “off” my entire life.


I pretty much blame genetics. Mental illness runs in my family. And like @velociraptor said, i’m just glad i didn’t end up with something even worse. It can always be worse.

Oh hell, I’ve reached the age where I’ve realized that EVERYONE is mentally ill in one way or another. We’re just the crowd that is more interesting at a party.


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My mom was mentally ill. She said she was bipolar but I blieve she was sza like me.