Can you blame someone for your mental illness

y yes…genetics , your parents, your best friend that feed you bad beer last week end.

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I blame God and I’m going to make him pay for it. (Loud thunder clap!!!) Maybe then again not. I’ll go pray now.


I blame myself. I let myself react to external stressors in an unhealthy way, and ignored the stressors for so long, and felt like I was getting what I had coming. But one thing I can say is, I never ever went against my values. I know this might not make sense because I left a lot out.

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I believe my illness was caused by severe stress and abuse that happened when I was a child and lack of any emotional non judgmental support.


You can but i doubt that it’ll make you feel any better


I used to blame the doctor who put me on the adderall. And my boss who was papering my file to fire me at the time I went crazy. Now I realize it’s probably more genetics and the fact that my mom was life flighted to shands hospital for carbon minoxide poisoning while she was pregnant with me.

I used to wonder why God would let this sz stuff happen and try to figure why why why.

It’s demons. Jesus used to drive the demons out of people then they were well.
Demons can tempt people to lie cheat and steal.
Then there are Sz demons and MS demons and those that make people kill are pretty evil.

Of course doctors don’t want to talk about it and maybe it’s just another delusion.
But there I blame them.

You really should consider not everyone thinks the same as you and that demon talk of yours is really triggering for some.

It’s triggering for me and now I have to tell you I don’t believe in them, I wish people stopped transmitting those beliefs onto others so others don’t get influenced like I was into believing in them.

I really wish a guideline of this forum could be no demon talk.

Vent over, I’ll shut up now.


When I was a younger man… very angry … full of hate… I directly blamed my family… I directly blamed my teachers… my doctors… I blamed a lot of people

It HAD to be someone fault… someone had to be the direct cause…

When I was younger… I was obsessed with pinning this directly on to someone…

But finding out about the family history… the odd stores about grandparents who never talked about this sort of thing… seeing my uncles… my cousins… even the struggles of my Dad and younger brothers… I honestly feel… it was just in the genetic cards.

I have found… what I do with those cards is no one’s fault but mine. When I stopped blaming others and worked on getting better… found out that I could have some control over my own life… well the blame became less important.

I don’t know why I’m the one who got Sz… but it is what it is… I’ll do my best despite it.

-peace :v:


I blame no one.

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I know it’s bad to blame someone but there was one person who if I never met I would probably not got into drugs. I don’t blame him but I sometimes wish we never met. He never gave up the drugs and moved onto harder drugs, he has been diagnosed with bipolar.

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Sorry @Minnii. I’m taking a vacation from not Well myself and I certainly don’t want to cause anyone heartache. I have ms to deal with now after not having a relapse for 2 years?!

You all be well now and take care. Bye now.

I know you’re a good person, I don’t mean to disrespect you. But please, less demon talk :slight_smile:

No you are right I can be delusional but at least I know that a bit.

Thanks for pointing out what I may not see.
Neurologist today.
Pdoc next week. Over and out.


No. If i foster a grudge like that, it will destroy me. For me, i figure it is purely genetic and , from birth defects. I did no drugs or substances before this developed.

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I blame my dad for a lot of the stress I have, but I also made some bad decisions and engaged in stupid behaviors that brought on my mental illness. My dad did the best he could. He was helpless against some of his urges. Also, there were things that happened outside my family that had a devestating impact on me.

No. I was genetically predisposed to this. I could say my parents for neglect, my sister for abuse, my friend’s dad for molestation, or myself for keeping secrets, but the truth, I believe, is that this is who I am. I even believe this is who I’m supposed to be because I don’t know any other way.

Being sexually abused as a kid didn’t help much, but I believe I choose this struggle for this life so I could be a stronger person. Fighting severe mental illness has made me a better person. :sunny:

I blame nobody. I used to associate people and my drug use with contributing stress and causing this to develop, but I don’t blame them. Some people go their whole lives smoking and live to be 90 and have almost no problems. Until well, the very end where they desperately cling to their fragile life after years of abusing their body. But that has nothing to do with me. If I go around placing blame on people or things, that gives them power, power of determining my fate and who I am, power that rightfully belongs to me. So no, I don’t blame anyone but myself for taking the power away from them.

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Genetics…Mal functioning parents…marijuana and Hashshish…