Does anyone blame themselves, genetics or other people for having sz?

I don’t care… It could be everything. I just accept it and accept meds and move on with my life

I blame poor genetics.
Mental illness runs rampant throughout my family.
I just got it the worst out of all my family members.

Now my cousins daughter had a breakdown and was put in the psych ward.
She was placed on Abilify.
She is on suicide watch.
She is only 16 years old.

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I attribute a lot of my current problem to my dad, but I don’t think “blame” is the right word for it. My dad was pretty sick himself. I don’t think much about who to blame for my sz any more. I sometimes wonder if they weren’t too eager to put me on a major tranquilizer. Now that I’m on them I can’t get off.

I blame myself i took to many drugs

I guess you’re right. But I do believe if I had an intervention when I was depressed then I never would’ve ended up psychotic.

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I blame my actions, my “environment”, and my genes.


I got intervention for depression as a teen and I still hear the voices. I personally blame no one. It’s my burden. Everyone has a least one.

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Now I think about it, I’m constantly in an undeclared war with myself. Melanie (Brand New Key) sang this song - ’ I’‘ve built and climbed a mountain and it isn’t really there.’

I developed schizophrenia by abusing a nootropic.

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I got dealt bad cards. I do the best I can with what I got.

I got over the “Why me?” phase rather quickly when someone pointed out, “Why not you?”

I don’t blame myself and I don’t blame anyone else anymore (though I did when I first got diagnosed).

I’ll leave it to schizophrenia researcher’s to determine if it was genetic or not.

I’ve had schizophrenia for 37 years. The first 5 years of my disease I thought it was because I ate some bad potato salad that had been sitting out in the sun all day at a picnic.


I think it may be genetics but can’t blame anyone other than the eye in the sky.
I did a lot of drugs that may have contributed but I was young so I can’t really blame myself.
I don’t think I blame others. Sometimes I am frustrated when people don’t understand but they aren’t to blame for their ignorance.

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Depression from my fathers side. Three out of four siblings on antidepressants and my dad should be!

Schizophrenia. Mum’s side with her mother having two siblings with schizophrenia.

Winter birth. That is an oldie but could be a indicator. There’s a lot we don’t know about the triggers which make us sz.

You can’t blame anything but dumb luck. Otherwise you’ll do your head in!

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They make out if you take drugs as a kid you can get it, so I am not sure about that but it makes me feel kinda responsible

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I blamed myself for a long time cuz of the drugs I did when I was younger. They started the extreme paranoia until I had my break a couple years later. I also blamed genetics.

I don’t blame myself or anyone else anymore. There’s no use in it. What’s done is done.


I just believe i got deal a hard set of cards to deal with and my job is to play with them as best as i can. Sometimes i will come out on top and other times i will fall. I don’t blame anyone and i don’t blame myself, although i have had times where i’ve struggled to accept things. I guess genetics could be a factor - one uncle has depression and another uncle has schizophrenia.

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Maybe it’s part genetics, both of my parents were diagnosed bipolars; maybe the abuse I endured as a child has something to do with it, but for the most part I consider it to be the product of dumb luck.

I mean, really, my sister endured the same stuff as me, and she is doing okay.

Whatever, all I can do is deal with it the best I can, take my meds and persevere.

It’s a mixture of environment and genetics. I think I’d tend to blame people more for the environment than the genetics. I think genetics can influence behaviour but you still have the free will to act on it or not. Example -you may have a gene variety that gives you a greater propensity to anger , but you don’t have to automatically go around shouting at people .

What I blame most is the lack of support from mental health professionals over the years. It was far easier for them to character assassinate than actually bother to do much to help.

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I think environment is more severe with regard to schizophrenia


I noticed the more aware i became of whats going on around me the more alarming it was. The greater you build the bonfire of understanding, the more darkness is revealed. Genetics for me would be my predisposition or bent of character to being sensitive. And the enviornment or world is something i would call circumstances. Which who knows how that operates. There is chaos theorys and or ideas of karma but ive had to learn to take responsability regardless.

I don’t blame anyone because I chose this affliction for myself in the preexistence. It’s helping me grow and be worthy to enter the Celestial Kingdom.