Does anyone analyse themselves?


i try and analyse my thoughts now, i try and do it as much as i can

if i think something is not quite right or there is something that i don’t understand i will try to work through the problem by analysing my thoughts on the matter.

probably a good idea if you think something is wrong to get some clarity on the matter,

when i have a problem i try to attack it from various angles like, the internal and external situations, i will ask for help and try to come to a conclusion after taking everything i have heard or sorted out in my head into consideration then i try to settle for the best explanation,

i think have done it for many things, it started out with me trying to work through my own delusions, knew there was something wrong but i couldn’t put my finger on it so i would question myself and try to weigh up all the possibilities and then choose the most probable explanation.

it is just something that helps me to make sense of reality that i wanted to share and ask if anyone else does this?

Be your own critique

I also analyze myself. It’s the only way I can stay in there here and now.

Sneaky brained thinking starts small… little tendrils that push in very gently… I need to prune it before it takes root.


I over analyse everything now. It is a curse.


not talking about over analysing but i can see how that can be a problem


Yes it’s my strongest coping mechanism. Takes a lot of the fear away once I know what’s going on. Before I analyzed everything I just assumed monsters and demons were after me every night, and that was no fun let me tell ya!

That’s why I suggest people do therapy or at least reflect along with doing meds. A lot of people don’t care to think about why they experience what they do but it can be very helpful in certain situations.


A lot of people do it.


Our minds have insight.

Daydreamer, your technique sounds quite reasonable.
It would be perfect if you can compare yours to that of person with healthy mind.


i have done this with the telepathy delusion. when i first heard voices i just assumed it was real. i think, in the beginning when it’s friendly it kinda plays into your narcisist tendancies. you’re suddenly special…gifted even. you can do something most other people can’t do and that’s what it felt like. it was a shock and a nasty one but once i got used to it i was full of awe and bewilderment at my new found capability. i never questioned the possibility of whether it actually was real or not or the mechanics of how it would be possible. i just accepted it. then it turned nasty and i suffered for years and then it was suddenly like i woke up one day and thought this is bollocks. i started to critique the way i had just blindly accepted telepathy as the cause of the voices and started to compare my own experience with voices to what they would have been experiencing, visually, mentally, emotionally and physically and suddenly it didn’t seem so real anymore. i know for a fact now that my neighbours, friends, family, strangers are not telepathic. i know that the spirit voices i hear are not me being telepathic with the dead. i know most of the celebrity voices i hear are not real… which only leaves me with two celebrities and a few soldiers. now surely if you had mastered the discipline of telepathy, you would’ve also at least tried to master c;airvoyance aswell yet none of these people seem to know their futures. not one. if mel gibson were clairvoyant then those rant tapes would never have been recorded as he would’ve seen it coming. the man has to sell paintings to fund his lifestyle yet cannot see the winning lottery numbers. sylvester stallone is not clairvoyant or surely he would’ve saved his son so if they were telepathic to this degree then why are they not clairvoyant to that degree also? it just doesn’t add up in my opinion. that’s only a small part of my analysis so far. it’s healthy to analyze i think. there’s certainly nothing wrong with critical thinking. good post dreamer.


I cant compare my mind to that of a healthy mind

I try and keep my mind as healthy as I can though,

And I still need my medication to sustain me
So it could never be a proper comparison.

I have role models though if that is what you mean


i never analyse myself…

" why did you write that dark sith ? "
" i just felt like it ! "
" was it for a psychological reason dark sith ? "
" mmmm…you could be right , my inner child might have wanted some attention ! "
" …mmmmm…i see…i will schedule you in for an appointment tomorrow dark sith "
" thank you dark sith ".
take care dark :alien:


I analyze myself when I can’t reality-check without “blowing my cover”


Self analysis can be a dangerous thing. Analyzing myself is probably what got me into becoming schizo. Schizophrenia is an introverts nightmare.


I analyze my thoughts and reasoning only a little bit. I mostly analyze the background noise/hallucinations and sometimes paranoia that happen every so often and figure out if they are real or not based off of logic.


I try to analyze myself, yes, and when I tell my therapist what I think I figured out, he always tells me that I am probably right. Like figuring out why I am attracted to a certain look- it’s due to imprinting. Figuring out why I get off on being enraged- it’s because my brain learned that rage equals success and depression and submission equals failure. I get places and do things when I assert dominance, being submissive to the illness and to others gets me nowhere, if anywhere, backwards, so naturally my brain associates dominant and rage fueled behavior with progress. Deadlifting five hundred pounds several times is dominant and fueled by rage, for example, and it kept me in shape and my life together. Beating people up as a martial artist when I was a teenager was absolutely dominant and more pleasurable than the filthiest sex I have ever had. He warns me that the red hair thing is teetering on the verge of getting sex and anger mixed together.

I had childhood trauma, two incidents, both involving swimming, I was molested by a swim instructor and nearly drowned in an undertow when I was a little boy, and my dream as a teenager and boy was to become an officer in the SEALs, who are experts in all things aquatic. That is a no-brainer, for example.

So yeah, I do analyze myself and actually get seemingly correct answers to my questions.


I agree with you and I’ve had a similar experience. I used to write down my thoughts and analyze them into what I called patterns, I had a model for how I thought the mind works. I did this in an attempt to get over and “transcend” my emotional issues. I had a stack of notebooks full of this and was addicted to analyzing myself.

After doing this for a year in my prodromal stages of sz, I became psychotic. I think it would’ve happened anyway but I believe over analyzation can lead to emotional paralysis and rigidity.

I now just let myself change naturally and I think I’m more balanced for it.


Yeah man it was more the analyzing of people and social dynamic and the effect it had on me. Glad I dont hang out with those people any more. Anycase if they arent actually telepathic I started thinking for them. Out of a psychotic mind a second thought form which seemingly appears from the environment. Its all chaos in here, but I am finding some peace and calmness to it.

Analysis might not be the problem, its being judgemental.


Maybe there is positive analysis and negative analysation both opposites of the same coin


Right judgement being negative analysis.


In college I was told that there are 3 things that you mustn’t do

  • discriminate
  • prejudge
  • and stereotype

Not in that order


aha, yes, that was what I meant, role models.