Intellectual degradation

i think i got it. i cant read(too excited), i dont get the peoples relationships anymore, i dont know if this will get better?..have memory problems too,it was noticed in my file of the hospital-’‘intellect and memory opressed’’…

It will get better for you. I have memory problems to. I forget everything

do you believe it austin? i am trying with meds since 5 years… i have a haldol since 6 days…i overthink,it goes at 100km/h in my head and its just-’‘you were never be capable of something, youll never get better etc’’…

Maybe your brain is just constantly moving , thats what I have going on ,if you figure a way to channel that constant thought process it will help you.

Having these things isn’t always good. People will either repeat themselves over or ask you to repeat something you’ve told them a few times. I feel somewhat cursed. Now if you want to improve for getting a job, or simply improve your social skills, yes they are useful.

Life’s a bitch then u die. Remember that. No reason to be smart in this cursed ass hopeless life. What are we trying to prove? Pardon my negativity.

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For me my fast thought process works against me because I think and talk fast and if you ain’t on the same page that im on WHEN im on it then you must be a idiot.

Yeah, and it’s called numbness.
I’m also getting dumber each year. Its progressive.
Are you taking any antidepressants?
I find wellbutrin to be pretty stimulating at times…

i think rapidly about negative things but i dont talk a lot and its not a fast talking… i have problems talking

Lol man that’s alot negativity :smile:
Nihilism sucks as well.

Just work on it,talk to yourself and it will eventually become second nature.

Do you hace a cat? If not go get one ,you can talk to cats and they understand, you can see it in their eyes
The thing is you have to get a cat young and give them respect early if not they’ll act like the 'dumb’that they expected to be.

for instance i open the balkony and wont go throug the door but ill make the way back…yeah,zombi state isnt it? it will get better? i am having hard times to read and understand something more complicated-for instance,i dont get nothing in politics :confused:

why i am so stupid? i still dont get a lots of things… is this my worried thinking? once relieved and calmed down will it be a good basis to progress? i have angry thoughts,somtimes racing thoughts,some autistic behaviour also…help,did you got this? sometimes i dont believe in a well being,its hard,i go through hell

I would be VERY cautious with wellbutrin, given all @Anna1 has written. Buproprion is a relatively crude anti-D with a high likelihood of making her considerable anxiety a lot worse. I have seen this happen too many times. Wellbutrin’s mechanism of action is through the nicotinic receptor chain, and that is NOT a good one to mess with if the pt is fraught with fear.

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Has that been the case since you were very young? Have you ever seen a neurologist or been diagnosed with any sort of neurological disorder? Did you ever have encephalitis or meningitis, for example?

Are you able to ask your parents if you have those or any other serious illnesses or cranial injuries as a small child?

Finally, was your mother drinking a lot of alcohol, taking drugs or on major medications when she was pregnant with you?

no,nothing from this-neither neurological disoreds not even alcohol… yes,i am like that since child. i am sure thats my sz… i dont think a lot about things,maybe that the reason. notmoses i am so fed up with this illness,maybe someday ill try seriosly killing me. the meds dont help me as they help my sz friend…they just dont work

Mediterranean diet lots of water and daily exercise. Plus not isolating and once more stable a good sense of humor.

If the possibility of “gross neurological” causes is eliminated and the pt is as anxiety-stricken as it sounds like you are, I would be…

  1. working with a very expert diagnostician and prescriber to see what there is among a very long list of individual and combined medicinal possibilities that will bring the anxiety down to a level low enough to…

  2. use one or more of these to knock out the cognitive (roughly "thinking style) influences.

Schematherapy –
Learned Optimism –
Standard CBT –
10 StEP –

I get that you live in a part of the world where medical and psychological expertise is not as widely available as it is elsewhere. If you can find a member of your family or other support system to read what I and others have written here, perhaps you can get their help in getting to better professional assistance.

i am tired notmoses. i wanna day. i live stuck in between 4 walls, i am fed up to combat this… ive tried every single med on the market… i am nothing,really nothing. if you see me irl youll see how much i am stupid…i talk only about illness…i dont pay confidence to reality,i ask always myself if it true,i have also obsessive thoughts… i have the impression that everyone gets better except me…

You need help girl.
You can’t fight it alone, by yourself.
You have to find a better pdoc who will work with you individually, not throwing you to the group therapies.

Wish I could help you more.
Hang in there, you still have more fights to win.