Does anybody have low testosterone

I don’t have any testosterone in my brain. I have testosterone in my blood. I’m attracted to women, like zero amounts…compared to like I was before.

İ think i have low testosterone.but its not related to medicines.i didn t get checked though

I have very low testosterone.
Risperdal and middle age are the reasons

My testosterone was normal in my last blood test but prolactin was high due to 6mg risperdal.

I’m honestly not sure about my testosterone. I suspect it’s low as I have a very low sex drive and I struggle to keep an erection

What medication are you on?

What medication are you on? I’m on a low dose of Olanzapine and have lost interest but am still functional luckily

I’m on clozapine and Abilify. Since going on the Abilify my sex drive has increased but not by much

Aripiprazole is good for sex drive…. Olanzapine has a slight negative effect.

As far as medications, for me Zoloft kept me from climaxing. I had to quit Zoloft. The more I thought of it, it could have been because of Prozac…I can’t remember.

I’m on sertraline as well… has negative effects

My doctor told me my testosterone level was borderline about ten years ago. I wish it was higher because when I play guitar my fingers lack strength, I don’t care about sex.

Yes! I probably do. The lady at my library has more hair on her arms than I do.

Not sure if low testosterone would cause me not to see attraction though. Puberty was hell. I couldn’t keep up with my so called friends when they would notice potential partners and I never saw what they saw.


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I got my testosterone when I was 19 years old. I haven’t had it for around 12 years.

Has anybody gotten ED issues from medication?

I did have very low testosterone at one point. Now I take 0.5 mg a week as a shot. Works wonders for depression

LS! I have had my testosterone checked by my GP a year ago. I was almost deficient. I train every day and eat lots of healthfood and supplements. But my age is 63.

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