Anyone with Low testosterone

I started reading some of the symptoms of low testosterone and I think I cross most of the list.

I guess the reason I suspect it, is that I have done weights a few times and depression seems to lift instantly.

Its a bit scary, so going to do a blood test asap.

Anyone think their depression is caused by low testosterone?

Anyone had their level checked?

Anyone know of any research that links antipscychotics to low levels of testosterone?

When i was on high dose of medication, i had no sex drive at all, i had testosterone checked and it was very low, i lowered my dose and started eating lot of vegetables, my libido got much better and now couple of days ago i gave another blood test, i haven’t met with the doctor yet, i am pretty sure it has increased but i doubt its at the normal range, so for sure antipsychotic meds effects the level of testosterone… I don’t know if i should ask the doctor to give me T med. i am afraid that it will stop my natural production of T and artificially increase it, but i will ask.

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Thank you so much for that information.

I am a very low dose of abilify, (5mg)

I will keep you guys posted in the next week about results,
thanks so much.

Naturally my T level and libido was so high and strong it would give me discomfort, but now it being low gives me discomfort, i dream back to those days but with this meds i don’t know whats the possibility. Any ways i would advise you eat lot of vegetables ands fruits, try googling foods that increase T level, its the best natural way.

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i find i have a sex drive, but i havent had a girlfriend in a long time

I have a sex drive too but its about 75% as strong as it was before the psychotic episodes.

So this has me thinking that there is a chance that I might be low on testosterone.

Just a theory.

For a long time meds killed all desire in that department. But now that I’m on a lower dose of Seroquel and Latuda got added, parts of myself are waking up.

I got a full check up 6 months ago, I’m average. But my lack of interest hasn’t been due to meds I don’t think. I guess I’m just not in a mental space right now were I’m too worried about the girlfriend thing.

Anti psychotic medicines raise the female hormone prolactin, which for men can lead to low sex drive and weak muscles, as well as overweight. If you want a natural treatment, you can try tongkat ali, its very effective, but quite expensive.

I got my blood results and the score is 445… Its still considered in a normal range, but i read a lot that for my age it should of been about 600. Probably before med it was 800…
The range is 250-1100.