Does anybody else gets freaked out by little random noises?


because I do - regularly. certain phone rings - especially short chirps-like-sounds - make me wonder if it’s just me glitching. or sometimes there would be a TV working in the distance - and I would be like - no way! - what is this beautiful music? - why I must be a genius to hear this kind of stuff - and then it’s like - oh, I see, never-mind the genius thing…

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Yeah, I get scared because i think there are demons out there out to get me. Random noises always startle me.



Yeah. Random noises make me think something is wrong with one of the machines.



Every time the phone rings I shake like a jellyfish. Takes me two hours to calm down. :tropical_fish:



‘received SMS’ sounds get to me - like - why r u using this godawful tone? it should be illegal
or - all right - I hated this one - my ex used to have this eerie alarm that would start very low -barely audible - and then would repeat louder and louder - so it kind of creeps into ur sleepy subconsciousness instead of just bolting u up - why would anybody want that?! - and, I wonder if people know what I am talking about…



random unidentifiable noises without any apparent source really set me on edge. hear some rustling, look to the hallway to see what the cat is getting into… the cats aren’t anywhere in sight.

weird vocalized vowels, footsteps, extended tones. if my wife’s around i’ll ask if she hears it too and i’ve saved myself some paranoia a few times. the ones i really don’t like are when they sound like they’re a little distance away so you have to get up and go somewhere to find out if there’s a source. I get afraid that one day it’ll keep going and take me on a wild goose chase who knows where.

there are so many random things that can sound like the things i hear in my head, it can be frustrating at times.

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I can’t sleep if hear the smallest sounds.



sorry the clicking sound is me turning my lightsaber on and off !
take care



I still get those…like hearing my phone chime or an alarm going off, little glitches. They don’t really bother me, they are pretty rare and way less distressing than the ■■■■■■■ voices…I’m on meds in remission so I am more curious when I experience them, I wonder why I experience them but not other hallucinations anymore.



The one that will sort of throw me is when I hear boat horns, but it’s soo foggy I don’t see a boat. Noises from the fog do get to me sometimes.

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I don’t live anywhere within earshot of boat horns and yet ill occasionally hear a fog horn at night while I’m smoking



Sounds must be man made… I think there’s a person out there.



does anyone else hate car horns?really annoying.



I HATE car horns.

The other pointless noise in the world is a leaf blower… Why? Why just blow the leaves around? I use a rake and it actually removes the leaves, not just moves them to the neighbors yard.



At my apartment complex, the landscapers are here every Monday morning from 8-1pm. They have the noisiest equipment. If I’m on the phone, I have to end my call because I simply cannot hear the person on the other end. Most annoying. All they do is blow dust around and make more of it.



Actually, I have a similar thing! When it is quiet it seems easier to think my own thoughts or to do things!



i can relate the smallest noises get to me bad!! ppl snoring, a man yawning, sometimes jus a faucet dripn, i have a lot of issues w noises!



It’s not a random noise, but I hate the sound of house faucets. Shower faucets and sink faucets that just run and run. I usually leave the room when my sis is doing the dishes and put on my earphones when she’s taking a shower because that noise…

That high tin, no-stop… Scherrrrrrrrrr. It’s a very crinkly sound and it taste like gone off lemon curd.