Do any of you have illusions


Hearing noises and making them out to be voices. Ex: shower cap running making noise, hearing it as a voice. Ex: noise of things in the background (wind cars tv) and you perceive them as voices. I have been having a lot lately and just ignored them. But I tell you the shower cap explains things to me about life I couldn’t imaginable think on my own. Haha I know it’s just a illusion though and apart of my illness.


Sounds like it’s not all bad.


yeah it is an illusion,

you are doing good ignoring it and we should all ignore these noises,

take care x


Pulling a rabbit out of my hat.


I used to believe the wind told me the future. After a while it was just telling me nonsense. Then it told me nothing.


Yup right now even. The shower, the sink, you name it. Mine don’t make sense though… Mostly.


No I don’t get this. My voices r not triggered by external noises. They r fully formed personalities in my mind. I don’t hear things outwardly at all. Just bollox inside my head. There don’t seem to b any triggers for the voices but there r triggers for the content of what they talk about. That’s another reason I know I’m not telepathic. As they seem to stick to the triggered topics. I would like to kill the people who put them in to my head…very very slowly.


The whole house fan is pretty loud, I keep asking for the winning lottery ticket numbers, but no winners so far.
Now they make them a lot quieter, but still no winning numbers.


The wind tells me stories I can hardly bear to hear.


Sometimes, yeah. I have an air filter in the bedroom that often sounds to me like somebody talking, and years ago I wrote a poem in which i quoted a creek i was sitting near. (i lost the piece over the years. oh well.)


Good to see you… haven’t seen you for awhile… how are you?


me? hard times financially but doing well mentally and physically. had a brief socially reclusive period, i get those a lot.


It used to be that any noise would turn into words for me, so it was like ghosts lived in everything.


I know lightbulbs talk to me, usually when i haven’t slept well or am having a hard time they tend to be very critical or trying to tell me to do things or the future, not so different from my voices apart it’s coming from a light bulb it’s still very upsetting recently I’ve found myself sitting in darkness, which upsets my mum so I try to bare it and ignore them, good luck and take care,



yeah, i keep asking for the winning numbers too but it’s not happening lol