Hearing people you know

Does anyone else hear people you know?
Also you should maybe add schizotypal in the category.

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I sometimes hear people I know and it throws me off guard. Especially if I’m in public and I keep hearing someone call my name.

I feel you. I hear familiar voices pretty frequently.

Most of the time though I hear a lot of angry screaming

That would suck. My worst times were when the voices got angry and loud.

I hate that so much it happens a lot with me. They also whisper and talk frantically sometimes or just sound like a crowd calling me an idiot, or curse words.

Dang I’m sorry man. If mine were mostly negative I would be a lot worse off. It’s mostly my voice that’s ■■■■■■ up. I think a lot of dumb ■■■■ when I’m anxious that other people can hear my thoughts.

That’s not easy. I don’t know where mine came from honestly. I used to smoke pot all the time and after a year or so I started hallucinating. I’d become very paranoid and hear voices a lot. I quit smoking marijuana though, I do however still smoke cigarettes.

Do you sometimes I don’t know how to explain it but just sounds? Like clicking noises or something.

I’ll hear stuff behind normal sounds like water, movement. The worst is when I get paranoid I’m taking to someone in my mind and I hear, " I hear you"… :expressionless:

I hate it cause I’ll be walking to school or something and start having a conversation with myself I did this morning and I was loud. I got a strange look from someone. Then on my way home I saw a woman in trees and hearing clicking sounds.

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yes or if I watch a tv show a lot I’ll hear their voices like for example Peter from family guy

I not only hear them, dude I see them. It’s not pleasant.

It is fun to make fun of everything like I am okay though. Then you find yourself abandoned by everyone because they think that you are okay. Then the idea is that you die and lift a burden from society.

Or become a lawyer or psychologist or something powerful, then no one ■■■■■ with you.

I hate that, when my thinking gets more intense and I hear them say “loud” and people seem to start getting uncomfortable. It’s definitely probably just body language and demeanor

yes this happens to me. I used to hallucinate Obama was having my thoughts monitored while I was in the shower it was really uncomfortable

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Hahaha. I would think I was talking to Obama while he made speeches. I don’t watch live stuff anymore

I usually stop when I feel like I’m being followed and when I turn around I’m in fear of seeing someone or no one there is no winning.

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Gotta keep hope alive

Yea I hate people looking at me. Only thing is I feel crazy when no ones there.

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