Weird and spooky

It only happened for 30 seconds or so but heard what sounded like distorted, robotic like voices. Yes- I have a window open and yes I can sometimes hear people talking outside late at night(especially at the weekend) or the people above me but never nothing sounding like that.


:ghost: … :scream:…:toilet: !?!
i love ghosts…and the super natural stuff.
take care :alien:

Whenever I hear music I always have to try to figure out if it’s the room next door, coming from outside, or just in my head. It only ever seems to happen when I’m laying down in bed and only when my head is on the pillow. I have gotten up and mentioned it before though as a test to see if it was real. Sometimes people will say they heard some music other times no. I live in a house in a quiet neighborhood so when it happens in my room I know it’s a hallucination but it usually happens when I’m traveling. Not great Mozart stuff either. Heck not even entertaining Miley Cyrus stuff. Sad country/western mixed with easy listening.

Whether or not it’s real it can only be heard when my head is on my pillow. Whenever I lift my head up it stops.

that stinks firemonkey…

??? Is that a positive or negative comment? Not sure how to interpret.

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In my attic have always been the random squirrel that gets in from a hole in the window eave of my bedroom. well, tonight. there was like a “body sliding and thumping” above me in the living room…at first I just waited to identify it as the squirrels but now I think it’s my grandpa who passed away years ago.

It’s sympathetic.

Could be somebody’s phone and their ringtone.

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