All kinds of noises people make

Last week i was in the waiting-room to see the psychiatrist. There were 5 other people waiting. The room was quiet, exept for all the noises people made: cracking plastic bags, coughing, pushing the buttons on their mobile, whispering to each other. It made me so mad, i wanted to scream, but i didn’t. I’ve had this in the past, but since a few weeks, the noises scare me again. Espially when i’m out of the house. Do you guys reccognise this? Have any tips? Sorry for my poor english, i’m from Holland. Have a nice day!

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Holland was my favorite places to travel. Would love to go back someday.

Yeah, “people” noises can be a bit difficult for me, guess I’m pretty sensitive to all the things I hear too, but I learned to focus on other things and forget my surroundings, sometimes too well.

Things like reading, playing games on my phone, or even counting ceiling dots, anything that takes concentration works well for me.


Yeah, what Csummers said. I play puzzle games or adventure games on my phone. Or I read posts on this website. It helps a lot.

It was coined (some would say “discovered”) by a psychiatrist in Holland.

P.S.: “Laat mij maar lekker achterin zitten :D”

If you buy an air horn you can blow it when people are making these unpleasant noises and they will stop. I usually do it on the bus or train

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:grin: I don’t think it’s misophonia though, cause i don’t have this with my daughters and close friend. The noises come in to loud. And with i’m alone i can freak out over an simple little noise, to almost jump out of my chair.

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Haha, that’s a good idea.

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Some times I have the same issue, things seem to bother me from time to time with noisiness and I’ll randomly notice little noises I never did and it bugs the heck out of me.
I’d say try to focus on something you enjoy or bring your own music to block out the other noises. Keep a good pair of headphones to block them out.

Also to add onto the note about music, I find listening to narrations, especially of a calmer tone of voice, really keeps me stable when I have days I feel on edge from auditory things. I don’t know if it’ll apply for you but it really helps me!

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Thanks for your reply, that´s exactly how i feel.

No problem, I’ve struggled when it comes to my senses kicking into overdrive at random and it’s a really tortuous thing to happen.
I work in a factory so noises can be pretty loud and it has made me frustrated and overwhelmed so much, I had to go to the bathroom to calm down.
That’s another thing too! If you have an escape route to calm yourself down, do so. Bathrooms help me out when I need to calm myself if music isn’t helping.

But anyways, that’s all my advice for now, I hope you can handle it better…being overwhelmed by the senses is terrible.

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