Doctors thrive on our self hatred

And they cause it. They really are a negative, sociopathic people as Robert Lewis Stevenson wrote in his own way.

I’m sorry you feel that way, Chordy.

I respectfully disagree, however, particularly when I consider my own doctor (my psychiatrist). He has consistently made returning to creative life a focus of my recovery and has even offered to read my novel when it’s finished. This has been the case with all of the psychiatrists I’ve met along the way (well…one was kind of a bust, but there’s a bad apple in every barrel).

Where other types of doctors are concerned, I suspect that they want their patients to do well but can’t always find the time to connect on the human level we patients crave. This is not just a chief complaint of patients - it’s a complaint of doctors as well. There have been polls (I can’t recall where to find them now) that many doctors feel that the harried, paperwork-driven nature of our healthcare system makes them not want to be doctors. They wanted to be healers and are bureaucrats.

This is all to say that they have a lot of humanity and don’t want us to hate ourselves, feel dependent on them, ignore their advice, or experience any other terrible life event. Anyway, I’m sorry if you’ve had bad experiences with doctors. I wish I could share my doctor with you.

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Most doctor’s thrive on helping their patients get better.

@CrayonCanal and @Patrick , I speak from experience. For openers, a new doctor in town introduced himself with the phrase “I hate foreigners.” I was an eleven year old kid knowing he had met my father who was a native of Germany. So much for their social sensitivity. I became dependent on doctors when I forget how they hurt me in my very young life, pointing out that my mother was powerless. They also create hell by not allowing appropriate death.