I have to wait

They make me wait for my bloods while they piss around in there making out they are busy doing important stuff
All they do is stick a needle in and make a recording in Their books

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Sorry I am tired and irritable

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you don’t need to say sorry, @shellys12 This forum is for support including negative feelings.

I just arrived home from the houseplant and pet market. bought a plant.

Thanks green
Bless your heart

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Hospitals can feel shitty. I hate doctor’s visits or anything, even though I’ve been stuck with needles a bunch of times. I can sympathize with you, here.

Doctors are here on earth to help people like you and me, they are busy and don’t get much recognition from sz patients.

I remember when this doctor was trying to help me and j treat him like ■■■■…
There’s no reason to dislike doctors

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My former pdoc and my present pdoc were/ are wonderful. I love them both. My nurses are all great too. I consider myself so very blessed.

I have had good and bad doctors
I have had fabulous nurses

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