I wish the pdocs showed they care more often

hi. I tell myself that they’re not my whole life, that they probably cared more than I realize, that they were not showing me they care for my sake…

sometimes I wonder maybe they really don’t give a hoot about me. and then I wonder why.

is this obsessive with anyone else here?


As much as I crave the help from docs I fear them as much as I want the help. I don’t want to be led astray. I feel like mine have similar feelings to your issue too. I feel like just another mind droning patient to them, even if it’s not that, I feel that way at times… It’s a predicament ;-/

I think most of them care about people AS A WHOLE. You may find one that doesn’t like you personally and that’s unfortunate. But it happens. But look at it this way. They are trained to HELP. Over the course of a 20 or 25 year career it would be almost impossible that they liked everybody.Yeah, they will not like everybody. But they are trained professionals who probably see a little good in EVERYBODY. And they may dislike you but care about your welfare at the same time and will try to help you.


Well put @77nick77!!

the way i see it is that they are just doing their job

they enjoy their job and i think they do genuinely want us to improve

and if they didn’t then they are not doing their job in my eyes

thats what i was hoping to do for me personally at college studying counselling, i’d like to make a difference to someones life, i want to improve their circumstances and help them come to terms with things,

thats why i am studying care and counselling, because i care,

the p/doc and psychologists don’t go through all of that training just to make our lives a misery, if thats the case then whats the point, the training is all about how to help people in different ways and things, everything is focused on care.

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It’s hard to tell sometimes if my doc likes me… He’s a very serious guy. Very clinical and straight faced.

I used to joke that on our appointments, I was watching his progress with interest. I was working to humanize him and instill a sense of humor.

I’ve put in too much work to just give up on him now… someday he’ll tell a joke. :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness… I think my doc likes me to some degree… he took me back after the many times I’ve stormed out of his office. (I used to get very upset when people said stuff I didn’t want to hear)

He could have referred me and never had me darken his door again. But he’s still my doc… that must mean something.

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I think they’re interested in me - simply because that is the field they chose. It makes me feel good to have someone who understands + has an appreciation for schizophrenics when there are so many people in the world who don’t.