Most of us see docs a lot

Doctors are usually fairly bright and educated like myself, and usually do not have schizophrenia like myself.

After that, their belief systems and their empathy scores swing widely. I believe I could have good game of cards with most doctors! Similarly, I believe I could discuss landscaping with most doctors.

More than a couple doctors I have known have been gems.

Actually, there is some thought in my next life I’ll be a doctor. When I mentioned that to a psychiatrist whom I had seen for awhile, he said, “I hope you’re a better doctor than me!” I thought his an unusual comment.

Because I identify with doctors, I find the several criticisms I come across as I read schizophrenics share their opinions of doctors a bit fear producing. What if I am similarly misunderstood in my next life, I fear?

Recently, I was probing a fellow schizophrenic about what he meant in his comments about my writing, and he felt I was battering him. Because I usually think of myself as gentle and supportive, I was surprised to be seen as hostile.


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It is a struggle for me to develop trust with doctors for many reasons.

One is that I’ve felt so misunderstood by doctors in the past. I’ve read some of their reports and well they all seem to have focused in on and misinterpreted things that were non-issues while dismissing or not even mentioning what were for me major issues. There has been a lot of confusion and not all on their part, I was confused which I believe probably was what lead them to be confused and so on. It’s like it’s been a chain reaction that I’m not even sure ever entirely ceased, one doctor wants the records of a previous doctor and is therefor influenced to some degree…like a sick game of telephone. I know I’ve said some things in the past that could have been misinterpreted as I was very confused not knowing what I was going through and was unsure of what it was I was supposed to even be telling the doctor. They would ask “and how is the medication working?” When I could only vaguely remember how I was feeling yesterday. There were a good share of misunderstandings I know that and it didn’t help that within my false memories were remembrances of being abused, tortured and pimped by a psychiatrist. This didn’t help at all.

I often wish that I could simply wipe the slate clean and begin anew but every time I have this wish I am persuaded to sign the releases of information and so begins anew the confusion.


Personally, I think you’re getting sucked in, Jayster. Don’t forget, doctors are getting well paid to get on your better side.


Thanks, Chordy!

@Jayster- Hey just viewed your profile…used to visit the Cape frequently when I lived in Boston. I’ll never forget being dragged on a manic million dollar home shopping spree across Cape Cod by my then girlfriend…but it is a beautiful place isn’t it?

I appreciate your original voice mussel and your fidelity to your own experience! Thank you!


A lot of psychiatrists and psychologists have god complexes.

One of the private psychiatrists I saw was always available to call in a crisis, but never helped me much. He didn’t even get me into a hospital when I needed one, but discouraged me. He was just out for my money it seems. The state hospital doctors I see now are never available outside appointments, but are much more reliable.

I got along just fine with…

Dr who
Dr at sea
Dr on the go
Dr at the top
Dr in charge
Dr in the house

But the rest were a nightmare.

I believe my pdoc can read my mind. I’m making mind traps so she can’t know what I’m thinking. I don’t trust doctors. I don’t know why. I hate dentists. I hit one dentist I had in the face because she wouldn’t stop when I told her to.

I see docks a lot.

I live near the ocean.


I have seen my fair share of incompetent psychiatrists, yes they not only exist, but are quite common - I am lucky to have found a very good psychiatrist, but I cannot say great things about my previous psychiatrists. I think that many of them do have some form of a ‘God complex’, my last psychiatrist thought that she was above it all, but the sad truth was that she had very limited experience when it came to managing antipsychotics and dealing with schizophrenia/schizoaffective.
The majority of her patients seemed to be dissatisfied, neurotic, anxious and depressed housewives and mothers - I really blame myself for staying with her for a long time, but man was she a looker! :smiley:

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