What do you think of this theory?

That every doctor is a sz. I think I know of one who cut himself a lot.

A lot of the mental health staff are ex patients but not all SZ. Been thinking of getting into social work or the like myself.

You have to display specific symptoms over a minimum period of time to qualify for the diagnosis. I doubt our condition is prevalent in the medical profession.

Self-harm can be caused by other mental illnesses, namely depression, which I suspect that doctors are as susceptible to as the general population (if not more so). I can’t imagine that having a job where you regularly see humanity at its worst engenders a positive outlook.



The way I hear it is many Doctors go into the mental health field because they are really only trying to solve their own issues.

Or as some are familiar with, they feign mental illness for just a short time, then a textbook recovery allows them to get their degree, all with the special insight they got from being “one of us”.
The true intent is not to help others, but to help themselves to a lot of cash from the sales of their book they intend to publish from their experience.

That’s been my experience with social workers, especially my own mother. And also the reason I avoid them like the plague. Too many of them are damaged people looking to unintentionally propagate the harm done to them unto others.



More to do with their parents pushing them into it. Be a big doctor that’s payed well etc. That’s the big shock for the pdocs when they get to end of it all. Because they find out there such losers still hiding behind their parents coat tails and not out there living their life and thinking for themselves.

This made me laugh a a lot. I think they may intentionally attempt to live our symptoms in order to know what would be the best treatment. But psychotic? Come on

This was a general practitioner physician.

1 in 4 people suffer a mental illness so it’s very possible

My wrong I didn’t read the entire post. It is familiar though from where I come that they refer to psychiatrists as mad men.

Have you seen what doctors have to go through in order to become practising professionals? It’s insanely difficult and not for the weak-willed. The odd quack does run the gauntlet (particularly thanks to affirmative action policies), but this is the exception rather than the rule. Anyone who has an M.D. automatically gets a fair amount of respect from me until they demonstrate they aren’t worthy.

Sorry, but I admire commitment and dedication. You need a boatload of both to become a doctor.



pixel, I never should have said “all doctors”. I was angry - more than once a victim of careless doctors.