Do your voices have a sense of humor?

Some of my voices can occasionally be fun and display a sense of humor, such as by making puns. For example, one of my voices used to show me a picture of herself putting on mascara in the middle of talking to me or telling me things. I never understood what she was trying to communicate, but then she later explained that she was showing me “make up” - i.e. she was making things up. Another voice of mine, an evil entity, used to appear like a thumb-shaped object. I was later told it looks like a thumb because it “sucks.”

Do your voices crack jokes, make puns, or have a sense of humor? Can you share some examples?

My voices mostly narrate what I’m doing while I’m doing it but there are three of them so it was more like a committee analyzing and discussing amongst each other what I was doing or thinking. Sometimes the one guy would not only comment on what I was trying to say to an actual person but try to mimic my tone of voice to make the other two laugh. It is very distracting to say the least. But for the most part the two guys and the girl in my personal committee are mean and rude about me. Sometimes they would discuss amongst themselves things I should do or say and if I would do these things they’d promise to leave me alone. Then if I’d actually do the thing, such as send a fax with a phrase on it to a random number they told me, they would then just laugh and laugh because they tricked me into pranking some stranger.

What I learned about voice hearing and hallucinations seemed to help me. It started when I was about seventeen I began having auditory and disturbances of hallucinations. I would try everything to ignore this sensation. I recall how troubling it was. I also would have serious social anxiety, I couldn’t look people in the eyes, thought everyone was laughing at me or repeating my unconscious thoughts.

I would listen to music, sometimes hear my thoughts on radiowaves, or think it was subliminal messages…on Geodon I still experienced command hallucinations. Sometimes it was negative, other times positive, other times confusing and hard to tune out. Certain times I learned to study about how to overcome this, because it was very frustrating. But the years after my psychotic break I was the most fragile then, it was difficult. I had lack of confidence that I would ever hold steady job or go to college, drive a car or read a book.

This is what I believe and tell myself: hallucinations are hallucinations, they are seemingly external repressed and representative symbols of what the mind is expressing behind the scenes. Keeping a dream journal helped, and writing a memoir. Writing each day actually was the most beneficial to my mentality and thought power to not bend to the hallucinations. Sometimes there is a need to learn coping mechanisms too if medications don’t work or if you are between medications and therapies.

Creative visualization. Positive thinking. The power of attracting positive and happy thoughts. Being real.

If I would overpower the hallucination with a more concentrated effort to focus on something productive that’s how I was able to divert the attention and not have it happen as much.

Not really.They will cruelly say things about others that I don’t believe is true. I think only a few times they have laughed with me or made me laugh. Most of the time they are laughing at me or making fun of someone…

Oh jeez do mine ever think they are funny…but no, they are not.