Do your voices ever make you laugh?

My voices make me laugh sometimes.

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In the beginning when they were nicer.

Aha I laughed whenever I heard voices

More so they laughed and gossiped at me tho

I do get a good belly laugh sometimes, but basically it’s because they’re so stupid

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One of my voices is a man that narrates most of what I do.

But he uses funny curses.

It’s hilarious.


My voices said stupid things that made me laugh, I looked crazy laughing alone to my voices. I dont have any voices or positive symptoms since being on meds.

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My voices also commented on me and talked to me like: hey there, how are you today, do you still have your lucky pen, it was sent to you by god and has special powers that will make you a genius etc

Sometimes, when they say ridiculous ■■■■

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This happened when I was using my pen while writing.

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I guess ‘they’ assume I hallucinate and hear voices, but it’s more like psychic visions or memories but those could be my mind hallucinations like I’m hallucinating thoughts and my reality and during my dreams. I don’t think I hallucinate, but if we live in the matrix, it’s sort of like a collective delusion or hallucination we are living in, if that makes any sense…

My delusions are scary and make me paranoid and I don’t like talking about them. I think it took me years to open up and speak my mind and not be ashamed or afraid or fearful at least…

My thoughts are irrational like a pure thought disorder. I get thoughts I abruptly accept and believe in. I guess it’s funny I created the matrix or universe according to my beliefs, but that’s just weird.

Like I think I came up with the idea or theory of hacking the universe; escaping it; and building the matrix based off the movie or something.

I also think bitcoin is my invention (it isn’t) and that it will help lead to a technological singularity in my humble opinion…

I think monster energy drinks or any caffeine in general (except maybe coffee or soda) is causing me these memories and thoughts and distress, but I don’t feel ‘right’ or ‘even human’ anymore with out them.

I had really bad eye sight like dissociation and it felt like the ‘opposite’ or negative version of a hallcuination 24/7 for 5-7 years starting off, but I think it was more like a neurological side effect or even negative symptom of schizophrenia now.

It was like distorted vision and a distorted sense of reality that drove me ‘insane’ in a sense.

I get hallucinations while I sleep or dream and then it enters my mind or subconscious. It’s not funny at all. It’s distressing. Like I researched conspiracy theories and crap and learned about ‘super soldiers’ and the ‘illuminati’ and how they can transfer the soul or consciousness during REM sleep into clones and how I feel like I’m living past lives or going to parallel universes and crap and reincarnating or going back in time. I had these thoughts forever but they get worse periodically.

Like I felt like I ‘met’ people and crap.

It’s sort of like a hallucination or dream where I cannot feel anything and it’s like a vision or astral dream or projection or crap. Like Westworld. Like lucid dreaming. It’s a lot of stuff like confusing information and worsens my schizophrenia.

I also have to say I think aliens are behind it, but I have zero proof.

I thought my voices were much funnier than they really are. The jokes is always dumb humor. The mind is unfathomable, it can make you believe the wildest things, it made Nietzsche think he was much, much greater than he really was, he went too deep into the subconscious.


“Masturbate on the bus. Do it. It will feel good. You’re hot, everyone will appreciate it”

Uhhhhhh yeah no thanks :rofl:


Yes sometimes they do when they say silly things

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Yea I had sexual voices too. They told me to impregnate all womens on earth as I am the king of the world. It was a mission by God.

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Hmm. . .

My Voices Don’t Usually Tell Jokes.

Sometimes They Can Be Slightly Entertaining.

Usually Though, When I Am In Either A Negative/Sad State Psychologically. Or!, Treacherous Place.

It’s Serious Business Of Sorts.

An Olde Spiritual Friend Said Hello Recently. As I Blinked. He Appeared In My Mind.

I Seen The Quick Flash Of His Presence And Closed My Eye’s Again.

He Was In A Sort Of Box Window. It Was Three Dimensional. The Border Was Golden.

Like Door Trim. A Shade Of Gold. Slightly Shiny As Hit With Sunlight.

He Was Shrouded. Standing In The Center Of Thus Window. There Was An Open Field Behind Him.

And An Almost Glowing Shadow Surrounding Him, (Like A Visible Aura), As He Smiled & Waved.

Slowly, As If To Say, ‘You’re Not Me’. I Laughed And Said, ‘I Know Man’!.

And Opened My Eye’s.

Now Thus Was The Second Time He Appeared Visibly In The Last 5-ish Years.

But!, Anytime I Have A Question He Kindly, Calmly, Answers Respectfully.

So…, I Suppose They Make Me Laugh Sometimes.

Cool Guy Either Way!.

Yes sometimes they make me laugh. Just sometimes i will have an indian voice shouting PANTIES! 2.99! in my right ear. Where the hell that comes from in my head i have no idea.

Seems to crop up more when ive done a prn dose of Diazapam. :rofl:


It’s a bad sign when I start laughing out of nowhere. People notice inappropriate affect, so I try to avoid it.

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Yeah, the voices have made me laugh before. I can relate to what Jonathan2 mentioned about laughing. It rarely happens now. I’ve laughed by myself and looked off in public places because of it.


Yeah i know what you mean. Can make you a target if your in public. I swear theres a hint of mania in mine. Joe public just looks at you with a look of confusion on their face lol.

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