Sense of humor with voices

I developed a sense of humor about life with these voices. All i do is speak sarcastic and speak hyperboles, but I humor myself. Only bad thing is people don’t find it normal to laugh to yourself.


My mummy had a tooth taken out.

She was sitting there and said “my mouth really hurts right now.”

The voices said “ask her what time it is.”

So i said “look at the time, what does it say?”

She said “it’s 2:30.”

It was tooth hurty.


That’s a good way to deal with them. I also try to teach them things.

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My voices can be funny sometimes. I try to not laugh out loud, but sometimes it’s unavoidable.


My voices can also be funny. Once mine told me I was perfectly healed.

My favorite though… I read on the old forum that a the member who posted said her voices would remind her to take her meds.

I love the thought of helpful voices.


There was also someone on an old SZ forum that would have said in reply to that :

“It is psychiatrist mind control. Psychiatrist put tape recorder of voice in patients walls, play voice to tell her take meds, so psychiatrist can sell meds to patient.”

Seriously this guy would blame “the psychiatrist” for everything ! it was actually funny to read some of his stuff.


[quote=“chrisjjack, post:1, topic:6846, full:true”]
I developed a sense of humor about life with these voices.[/quote]

Me too – it’s great! :smiley:

I had a ncice voice about a week ago they voice said shes supremelt intelligent LOL

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we only live once dear who cares what other people think is normal its great you are laughing.

Exactly! I totally agree.

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What is ‘normal’?
If behavior can be defined as dangerous, criminal, self debilitating then there are definitely issues.
But if none of the above are occurring and people cope with their experiences and are able to live their life, they should not be judged for it.
If we can approach the voices issue with a sense of humor and as something we can learn from, then it can even be beneficial.