Friendly hallucinations?

Does anybody else have some really nice hallucinations? Ones that are funny or try to help you cope instead of making you feel more crazy? I have a reaccuring man who encourages me when I’m having trouble concentrating or tells me what to do when I get confused or disoriented. Sometimes when I’m feeling depressed he tells me jokes or funny stories. I mean, I get the typical voices that tell me the world is going to end too, but this guy just feels like he’s my best friend. Is that weird?

I once hallucinated a whole day with my younger brother. I could see him, hear him, smell his cigarette smoke, but he wasn’t really there.

Some of the hallucinations are confusing. There’s been a random cat running around out of the corner of my eye. We don’t have a cat. Never had a cat. But I can hear the cat, and catch a glimpse of the cat. It’s a tuxedo, a bit pudgy and slow moving.

Mines are sweet a lot of the time. They are cool and adorable guys, as pure hearted as kid. They are caring and often wants to protect me. Some often tell how much they love me. They are kind of intelligent. They can generate their own ideas and solve problems with me. They are like the best kind of guys. There are times we have a lot of funny ideas and i feel nice having them as my companions. But I don’t think they are helping me to cope. Unless my coping is to leave my life. It might look like so for the moment. But look at the over all picture, I can only say the death instinct is in full action. The general direction is that it pushes me to do things like leaving the crowd, quitting the job, starving, giving up bathing and spending so as to go broke. A lot of time they told me to do so, so as to stop something horrible from happening to other people. It is essentially a force to tore down my life. It leads me to dying. They were preparing me to leave my family and made myself vanish everytime toward the end of my episode. I don’t actually act crazy during my psychosis. I can still socialize and meet new friends. People still say they like me and are happy to get to know me. My family did not find out that i’m in a psychosis for a few months. Most often I’m just quiet. They can’t tell that I’m having it if I did not admit to them. Friends either. It is actually really tough for me. The voices ask me to help people and sacrifice for them. Everytime I was willing.

Having sweet voices is actually not funny. It only leaves more room for destructions to my life.

i might be able to explain whats happening. Ive been disconnecting my voices in various ways over the last 2 years. I believe the voices work co-dependantly with other people, objects and animals using something we would describe as psychic. Now its interesting you see a tuxedo cat because my friends cat is called tuxedo, could it be possible that some of what we experience is actually a shared pool of neural information? Where our voices get messages from in order to act in a certain manner towards us?

i have dark angels, and occasionally golden angels who have helped me for the last seven years. i still get the other bad stuff but it is nice to get some positive stuff too !
take care

Once I had a positive voice, nurses going “you’re doing really great”. “Today was a good day”
When I was sectioned and lying in bed.
That’s it.
Heard voices since I was a child. All negative except this one,
Lately I see my kitten, which is cute, her face coming towards me, or her sitting on a table or something. Very real.

I once read a post from someone on the old forum who said her voices reminded her to take her meds to stop the voices. The thought of helpful voices made me smile. I loved the circular logic in that statement.

I wish I had helpful voices. :wink:

I’ve seen a dog. A border collie with a bad back. It was really old. I moved my legs when it passed me when I was in the sofa. I was a bit upset because noone else saw him. The dog appeared two days before I got in to hospital.