Do you think your family has contributed to your illness?

And made/make it harder for you to recover.

Nah my family have given me the best support I could imagine.


When I was a teenager, yes, definitely. My father would purposefully sabotage my discharge dates, and I would remain in the hospital for a few more days. Living with him was a complete nightmare. I was thrilled with life when I moved out when I was 18.

They didn’t hurt me and they didn’t help me. As in I don’t blame them for the things I experience but they never did anything to help me with them or support me. I had to get help myself.

Their love helps me get through a lot though even if they haven’t been supportive of my mental health issues, I mean they’re the main reason I refuse to kill myself so I can’t completely throw them under the bus haha.

yes they are real culprit …

I told my mother last year that she was one of the reasons I went into therapy; but, I am no idiot, I know that she is only one of the reasons. There are so many other reasons. Other humans with parents and mothers like me don’t always end up taking meds and being involved in therapy. Maybe, they all suffer-to the extent I have-I don’t know-I don’t know.

NO, I odnt believe my family contributed tot his illness.

My parents had their problems , still do , there were times when their mental health made my life a bit rubbish. But I gotta say , they have being good the past 15 years or so. But schiz was always on the cards , I just kept going until I broke , knew no other way.

I know that this is a biological disease. I also know that they don’t know how it comes about. But I am sure that it has a psychological component. And mr family strongly played a part in that component .

My family actually are my greatest support group because we all grew up together under the same roof with the same two parents and they still treat me as if I’m normal as I was back then. It’s like they are all in denial which is actually a very good thing for me. I don’t try to convince them otherwise and they understand a little why I don’t ever show up for Thanks Giving dinners with them, or any family gatherings anymore.

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Do any of you have sibling(s) with their own serious issues who make your life a living hell?


My father and brother are highly charged individuals - lots of times my brother has triggered me, so has my father.
They are very emotional and volatile and impulsive - my brother is very moody, he does suffer from ADHD and Major Depression - anxiety

I May not have been lucky in brains… lucky in timing… lucky in love… but I sure was lucky in family.

My Mom and Dad were always proactive and tried to get me help ASAP. There were some hard years and dark times… Sneaky brained thinking convinced me that they were trying to get rid of me… but I see now that wasn’t the case.

My family never said they didn’t believe me… or to snap out of it.

My Mom is the go getter and scares lazy doctors … my Dad is the mellow one who listens. They did all they could for me as I was growing up. They are part of my crisis team still.

Siblings? For a long time it was my Kid Sis and I as an isolated team. My sis has saved my life. She’s very much my best friend. Two of my brothers and I are rebuilding a friendship…

I have one brother who goes out of his way to try and make me crumble… he’s tried to sabotage me for a long time. He’s sent me whiskey… knowing it’s my favorite and I’ve been sober for 6 years… he’s left pot in my house… knowing I don’t smoke any more and haven’t for a long time… he’s started drama and messed with me.

I think he’s crumbling actually… but he won’t admit it.

they have, undoubtetly. i dont blame 'em, and ut’s not their fault. but they have.

My mom tries to to help but only if it benefits her, like bragging to her friends I have sz and that she is my “support system” but soon as all her friends leave she is back to being all about self.
My dad doesn’t even believe my diagnoses, because “I haven’t experienced anything bad, that I have had a great life” but he has very bad ptsd(veteran) so Im not to mad at him.

Anyway, That wasn’t the question.
Yes, I honestly can say they have contributed to my illness in the worse way. I grow up in a family a bullies and I’m the weakest link.


sorry you feel like this :confused:

My sister is an out of control alcoholic that is trying to bring the family down with her.

My father has the same illness as me. He doesn’t take medication. My brother is bipolar also doesn’t take medication. they both fight a lot with each other and other people. The stress from all the tension in the house was a lot to handle. We moved from their house to my in laws house. There’s been a lot of stress lately with my mother in law giving her son my anxiety medication. Then him going to jail. He’s expected to move in with us. I’m not looking forward to that since my mother in law doesn’t see her son’s drug problem as serious. She’s always making excuses for him.

The stress always contributed to my symptoms, i hear things more when i’m stressed.

I used to blame my family for my problems, but in truth, it was just a BS excuse trying to not take responsibility for my own actions. Could my childhood have been better? Could my parents have did a better job raising me? Of course. But they did the best job they could with the limited resources they had.

People that were raped or physically tortured by their parents have legit complaints. But even in those situations, there comes a time in your life where your parents “statue of limitations” runs out and you must take responsibility for your own problems and failures.