Do you think you are missing something in your life

I think that I am probably too much alone, for example I have not gone to any bars or restaurants or elsewhere to socialize with other people, in many ways I like my routine, almost as ‘Mr. Bean’, but in many ways I also miss some human contact. Well, it has been in this way for many many years and so somehow I feel nothing. What do you miss in your life?


Pretty much the same, no people in my life, had a text friend but she pregnant and depressed so no one to text with right now, she does not feel like chatting

I’m missing




monetary stability

excellent health

ability to focus

a good pdoc

a place to dance


Yeah, I am missing something in my life. It is having a life.

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my son with Down syndrome

you’d be shocked over his social life

does something special every afternoon
and comes home and has an event every evening

haha, never a dull moment for him


Good to hear @Daze :slight_smile:

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He also does a camp weekend every other month

or about 5 times a year

it’s respite, and it’s covered for parents of dependent adults or kids

I do take advantage of it usually
a motivator for me to get out of the house


I don’t want to remember it. So if I forget then its not missing.

iam missing a good laugh


I am starting to miss my youth now

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May some natural things like a girl face causes you to smile. Why you are finding here?

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dunno what is wrong with me, i wasnt like this in work i smile intentionally cause people have told me.
all changed after i diagnosed with sz
and it bothers me it really does.

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Sorry Iaros, I forgot sometimes that what is the problem with schizophrenia. Anyway good luck.

no worries my friend thanks for your comments


Hard not to notice how the older you get, the more things hurt. Argh. Never been that worried over my looks, but I could do without all of the aches and pains.


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yes agreed

I used to do stretches every day when I was younger

now it’s too painful to even do that!


I ache in solidarity with you, my sister.


do you get restless leg syndrome, @velociraptor?

I used to get it bad

but it went away on its own

maybe getting on propranolol?

Both Clozaril and Olanzapine made me pace horribly. I couldn’t stop. I was scraping HUGE callouses off my feet every week. That did help with weight. I remember always having the police in my small town I lived in at the time questioning me as to why I was out walking at 3 am. I just couldn’t NOT walk. They eventually wrote me off as weird, but harmless.

Don’t remember restless leg other than compulsive pacing. Does that count?

wow, weren’t you scared being out at the dark time of the day?

I pace a lot now

what about shin splints?

I get that on my treadmill

real bummer