Do you think you are less happy the normal prople =D?

do you think you socialize good enough?
do you have friends? if yes how do you interact ?

Socializing doesn’t make me happy. I’m a much happier person now that I don’t socialize so much.

I’m happy, content with my life.


I found myself having a much happier, fullfilling life after the dx of schizophrenia, and begining taking medication regularly, than ever before. Don’t really know how to relate that to “the normal prople”.

“Normal people” is an awfully big demographic. There are a lot of normies out there who are miserable, but there are also a lot that are relatively content. God knows I’m plagued by my own demons, so I don’t know how I stack up against the normies. I’ve gotten to where I am content to be alone. That has its good side and its bad side.


What’s that quote? Normal is a setting in the washing machine?


Exactly … 15 15 15

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I know start going into college and I feel like I will be not very interacting, more passive. I’m am not hving fun like normal people, not drinking just smoking ciggarets.dont laugh much or just think, and don’t say much…I think I would feel much happier if I have deep understanding in something…like I am studying now IT computer science…and I would feel that I will be more happy if I would be great for example in computers…but I will need to have friends to help me sometimes if I will not gonna get done everything by myself…but I will try to do everything by myself…I don’t know how successful I am gonna study…before I was studying in maritime academy…and after second practice of a ship and when I had been beaten by my neighbor I started to get this simptoms…but I finished my college one year with respiridon , and in the end I drink Seroquel…on Seroquel I started to study very stronger, because before I wasn’t diagnosed anything I smoked a lot of weed and in mathematics I was very bad couse I forget everything, but I passed, I went on a ship to do practice with respiridone I was like robot on a ship…it was so scary mooring operations, we wear mooring with other ships. ship with ship with wire mooring lines, it was dangerous, and I was just thinking to not get harmed somehow, because when I was on respiridan I was constrined…but now I am on xeplion I can think can study with omputer but don’t know how good I will study…and I was one time on a ship un medicated after I thought I could live without pills… and I went off a ship after I thought I am gonna start smashing my head in a ship… I worked on a crab vessel…I couldn’t be in sea…

I’ve never really been a social butterfly, but my social skills got better after the dx due to the fact that I met a really supportive girl at the time who helped me work through some of my blockages and now that I’m on medication I feel even better socializing, having less paranoia and all. Perhaps I was a fiercer chatterer before, but at least now I feel more at ease. Not saying that it’s something I’m good at, or that I enjoy throughly, I much rather prefer to be left alone.

I have a few friends, we interact by talking, touching and a few hand gestures.

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nice to hear that you met a girl who helped you to work through some blockages. How would be if to go to any socializing courses? could they help…I went in to pick up courses when I was on Seroquel but Seroquel didn’t worked good to me…and I was deluded and think a lot of weird ■■■■■■■■.and thought my own tehniques of interacting with girls wich was unrealistic… now I am more stable just frustrating to tlk to a girls, and man…I don’t know if I go to professional dating courses and payed them lots of money if they would help me, couse now I am calm and very simple… to go approach girl in a street or a club would be very tough, and everything in my had would be don’t tell her I am sz…===D so that’s why I don’t interact with normies, couse if I tell they would not understand me and would think I am weird…

I think basically there are three things people talk about when they start a conversation, those topics being about me, you and our situation (the last one being something you know you have in common with the person, like the weather, the place you’re at, the fact you both smoke as I saw a few weeks ago in a movie, or even some annoying folks disturbing you both,etc), from that point on I guess it’s something like asking questions and sharing insight (this last one can be really difficult if you suffer from paranoia, I remember I would just get stuck in my head not sharing a hint because I thought the person would do something evil with the information). This is all an abstraction, it’s much more fluid irl but from my perspective these are the basics, especially the part about asking questions and sharing something of your own.

I also thought about socializing courses (social skills training, not dating courses) at one point but didn’t found any in my city and discovered that most of them here are targeted at people with a really low level of social functioning. This led me to think about psychodrama, which I haven’t tried but seems like something interesting.

I doubt of techniques to interact with girls, I guess manners(tact) and some interest in getting to know the other person without second intentions are the way to go.

Approaching girls in the street would probably scare them away, just saying…

Normal is boring. Everyone should be happier than normal people by default.


so us me, thisis because sz is playing trics on our brain and creating felse beliefs thouse creating paranoia…
I would love to have a girlfriend just calm…not interested in having something loud…and we have to have thing in common to share…that’s what you said the nasics…
now yes what I learned from dating advices is how you feel about yourself other would feel the same about you, and respond …

Yes right pixel. I like somehow being sz… it makes my more experienced in a cosmic way… in the way my thoughts work is interesting to me…and how normal people think isn’t interesting aat all…

I don’t like having sz. Or diabetes. Or a heart condition. I don’t understand people who enjoy being ill. On the flip side, I will burn in hell before I let a medical condition (or the plural of that) stop me from enjoying life. Adjust for current circumstances and keep going is my philosophy.

No I don’t think I am less happy then normies. I try and socialize 3-4 times a month but don’t always. I enjoy my solitude too much.

Also I’m a gimp. I have short weird arms and 8 weird fingers. I am not physically disabled I can do anything a Symmetrical Person can do except maybe reach something on a really high shelf but even that isn’t that bad because I’m tall. So I know for a fact that people are staring at me and judging me and pity me. It’s been an easily observable fact for my entire life (Public School K-12).

Socializing Tips?
Grow a sense of â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  humor about yourself and who you are.
Toughen the â– â– â– â–  up.
Don’t talk about how sad and hard you life is. People want to have fun.
Embrace the Fact that You Are Different. You don’t have to Conform you can be weird people will understand if you give them a chance and leap to your Defense if a jerk is giving you a hard if time you are a nice and fun person to be around.
You understand what it’s like to be judged so don’t do it other people and they will think you are awesome .


Here’s a fact: Whenever I ask someone how they are and all I get is their oh-so-detailed medical history in sotto voice, I make a note to never talk to them again.

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thid id not an illness . it is who are you !!! I think this way… if other can’t cope of who I am that’s their problem not mines…itd harder but too be normie isn’t what I like… better be geek or nerd. that I can be with sz…

I am my diabetes? I am my bad back? I am my heart condition? I am a mental illness?

â– â– â– â–  that â– â– â– â– .

I am an exceptional human being who does exceptional things.

If you want to spend your life letting an illness define you, that’s your biz, but don’t expect to have much of a life.

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Happiness is hormonal. My hormones and my brain in general are so messed up right now, that I can’t call myself happy. I am not sad or depressed either. I am just brain-dead… I need a cure !!

You know what else brings contentment? Accomplishment.