Sz isn't a big deal to me

Since I’m on the correct medication, it isn’t a big deal. I’m not trying to brag, I’ve experienced everything everyone’s experienced off meds…but on meds…it’s just not much of an issue. This is why I wanna devote my life to helping the mentally ill. I don’t even get depressed or anxious anymore unless j don’t take my meds. ANYBODY else feel this way. I am very grateful.


A normie called me “a normal guy” at an aa meeting the other day.

I even feel better daily cuz I’m taking my meds and staying sober

Life is good


Just rub it in…lol…

It’s all possible @flameoftherhine . Like I said before I’d been written off by doctors.

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Ah no i was joking im glad hes doing better and its awesome he wants to help people with mi…


Thanks flameofrhine

Np…you know i gotta pick on the people i like…and everyone else…and animals…and gods…and inanimate objects…and ducks…

I wonder if @velociraptor feels this way. I never see him complaining of positive or negative symptoms. “I can give the normies a run for their money” I’ve heard him say.

I thought I was lazy, but once I got in the groove of doing things, I broke the lazy spell

Now I just need a summer job but don’t think that’ll happen

I got one…cooking bacon for a couple hours…once a week i change out the oil…i get 24 dollars sn hour on those days…just find something with low hours at first…

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Problem is I’m not handy at all

My dad is a (retired) engineer and would always butt in when something handy needs to be done, not give me the opportunity to learn…it’s just his personality

One day I will learn to do stuff like that

Ah gotcha…but you talk alot…use that lotsa jobs need good speaking skills…

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Yeah I can do that

The thing growing up I was very quiet

I’ve worked hard to become communicative

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That’s good :slight_smile: , mate.

Sometimes I think I can function better than normals in certain fields. I ended up tutoring a bunch of them in calculus for no charge XD.


Good for you

I can’t do calculus

You’re smarter than me for it

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Nah, I’m just a nerd. I drown my sorrows in mathematics.



my daughter has degree in Child, Adult and Family Services.

it’s broad.

Expect that people won’t be helped unless they want to be.
Expect that most jobs are filling your time and theirs with things to do.
Expect that mobility is determined by sentiments of landlords, employers, and family members, and
sometimes if legislation will be stopped at every turn.
Expect that if you’re a white male in society you’d be better off working for Mediacom with these people.
Expect that the poor will take everything you offer and you will learn to know what to disclose.
Expect that the behavioral disordered in schools will want your roughing up.
Expect the male kids have no discipline at home, or love, and you will hug them and get hit by them.

Strengths are diff for everybody…thats why you could learn something from almost anyone…i can charm a room full of normies with stories…its a weird feeling having them all hanging on to every word… Just think of your strengths and find something that allows you to exploit what your good at…


ive no syptoms of sza since 2010


I am so happy today Pedro

Feels good to feel good

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I’m so done with you.

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