I'm more normie now than sz

yeah, i feel more normal than sz now so i kind of consider myself a normie lol (minus the prejudices) if they have any lol, sometimes i make jokes about being sz but i don’t mean to offend anyone and i think there is still a lot of prejudice towards us and discrimination

but its also a lot more tolerant at the same time i think mental illness as a whole has been portrayed as something that has to be tackled and people need to help us not hinder or demonise us like in the press and things.

tbh my brain is getting a bit scattered when it comes to mental illness, i try and help but when i try to explain things i think i am contradicting myself, its like i don’t belong here anymore idk i

think its the normie mentality, yet i do still have times where i feel a bit off and i need to vent now and again, i think sometimes it feels like my brain is being pulled in a few different directions, i don’t even know what i am saying anymore


Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re cured now. Too many people w psychotic disorders end up trying to drop meds once they get to your place and then they end up relapsing and being hospitalized ;_;


i’m not in that place yet, i realise how important meds are but i also realise that things change and that makes me question what the p/doc says about always having schizophrenia and being on meds for life,

i think if i engross myself in good things then maybe i will heal. i think i have healed a lot on meds and maybe with the help of meds i will be ok one day.

Just remember that meds are not a cure…I’m rooting for you

its great to hear such confidence and understanding, i feel such happiness when u share, ur such a sincere person, when have u started making such progress? cus honestly i feel u have come along way and have alot to offer people insipration… ps our minds are to complex to try figure out its not just mentally ill people that go through this. when we make up our minds and not let room for idle hands than living is not so cloudy or ill feeling. thats what i think.

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its good you feel this way, I also ways feel like i’m more sza than anything. i’m still waiting for my normie life to start.

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I get that feeling also sometimes, it’s a good feeling.

Glad your feeling so well daydreamer :slight_smile:

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Do you feel that your symptoms dismissed as result of the medicine or was it more of a “time heals” type of thing? As @Anna said, I’d be careful if it’s the latter.

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A couple things. I live largely as a ‘normie’ but I try to remember where I came from.

Medication is cheap insurance to hold onto the progress that I’ve made.

I’ve spent time off medication and while I can get by without it, my life is so much better with low maintenance dosing. I don’t have spend nearly as much time and energy sorting through delusions and other faulty thinking. And it spares me the embarrassment and expense of relapses big or small.

The other thing about living a normie life is you don’t belong to either world, so it’s lonely. It’s much easier to find understanding and acceptance in the SZ world than the normie world, believe me.

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I also feel more like a normie now that my meds are working for me. But I know sz will always be there too.

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both really :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

idk if i believe that, i have been surprised by the amount of understanding and acceptance i have received from people in my area who i have told i have had a mental illness, i wouldn’t tell them i have schizophrenia though as that is not appropriate most of the time but if i trust them enough and it feels right then its ok.

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