Has anyone tried the Sarcosine on the main page topic? Does it help?

Just curious if anyone has started on it and if it’s helping you or a waste of time?

I have been taking 4 grams of sarcosine daily for the past 11 months.

I enjoy brushing my teeth for example and showering does not seem to be a very big problem.

I have good functionality now other than some positive and negative symptoms.

The research shows it well

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Does your pdoc approve of sarcosine, if I might ask?

I might ask my pdoc about taking it.
I’m afraid that it’s going to make me manic.

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I’ll ask my pdoc and pharmacist about sarcosine.

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Sarcosine is amazing. I used to never shower, cleaning the house, or do anything beyond what I absolutely had to. But now, I shower, brush my teeth, floss, and shave every day. I still have trouble cleaning, but I can usually do it. And I’m going on walks most days. I highly recommend it.

My pdoc had never heard of it before, so I brought a few studies in to show her. She was impressed.


I tried it for a few days then i gave up. Im not sure if it takes longer to kick in.

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I started noticing an effect after about three weeks.

Wow - thanks for sharing this @ninjastar. Happy for you! Might I asked what studies you shared with your pdoc? I’d like to ask my pdoc about it in November.

Try this study

I pulled it right off this website’s page on sarcosine


Oh sweet, I’ll share it with my pdoc - thank you!!

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It acted pretty much like too much coffee for me. I had to give it up after I tried cutting down on the dose.

Been taking it since 2014, now at 4g/day, has been a great effect on motivation. Definitely recommend it but I would start at 2g and see how it goes.

No it wont wave

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2-3 weeks def works

Sarcosine reversed damage to my glutamate system permanent because of lamictal adverse reaction years ago

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1 year without 2 anti psychotics no more seroquel xr

I believe a miracle has happened thanks to this website and Jesus has helped me a lot… feel free to ask me questions…


Thanks for the invite to ask questions. I’m happy for your good news! :slight_smile: I’d like to try sarcosine and will ask my pdoc in November. Did your pdoc give you permission to take sarcosine?

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Yes i got permission

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So sarcosine worked decently for me at 2g a day for about a month. But can anyone tell me why it doesn’t do anything for me? Or at least why I don’t get that rush that makes me feel like I can enjoy something for once… I’m taking it anyways at 2g a day.