Do you think that you had (or did you have) any childhood mental illnesses

i wasnt diagnosed for any childhood mental illnesses as i did nt start seeing a psychiatrist until i was 22 but really should have been seeing one since i was 12

anyway having educated myself on mental illnesses (on the site i have learned really that i should have been diagnosed with this disorder… Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder …this is an illness where an adolescent or child exhibits ongoing irritability, anger and frequent temper outbursts and depression…it can be known as childhood bipolar according to the site

are any of you aware of childhood mental illnesses you may have had eg ADHD, Conduct Disorder, ODD or anything else …you dont have to have had a formal diagnosis but you just know you had it

My schizophrenia probably kicked in when I was about 17 looking back. I wasn’t diagnosed till I was 39.

I grew up with undiagnosed Autism.

Pretty bitter about it, as I only got diagnosed at 32, which was a year ago.

It makes the fact that no one once when I was growing up thought there might be a reason I used to get into so much trouble at school

I was just moved from school to school and nothing was done to try and understand why I couldn’t get on with it like other people.

On top of that was the amount of bullying, as a lot of the kids had grown up together and went to the same schools, and I was just an imposter.


I tried suicide at 15. Was hospitalized. But I didn’t have symptoms of schizophrenia then. Just inhibited.

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i never was diagnosed with any childhood mental illnesses but i should and in the modern days of now i prob would have been diagnosed a lot sooner… but it’s no use looking at the past too much i think so i rather focus on the present days and the near future.

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My sz cognitive symptoms started since I was 8-10y.o. in the language/emotions areas. Math is much less affected. My positive and negative symptoms started since I was 15. They gradually got worse until I tried to kill myself and ended up in the emergency with liver failure from intentional overdose. In the emergency a psychiatrist diagnosed me with psychosis NOS bcz I was sure that I was Jesus and that I saw Jesus for real.

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I developed OCD as a child. In my teens I thought continuously of killing myself. I remember climbing twice a tower in order to kill myself. Maybe I did.

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Two suicide attempts, one at 19 and the second at 20 where I was diagnosed with Psychosis NOS.

I had depression.


Got diagnosed with ADHD and as I got abused/traumatized I developed DID, Anxiety and Depression I’m pretty sure i was born with the schiz though

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I had anxiety, asociality and bad memory.


I was diagnosed with PTSD, depression and anxiety

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Looking back I was definitely depressed and had bad anxiety. I was always scared to be called on and never volunteered for anything. I just remember feeling sad a lot.

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'@noise …thats tough that you had those problems …i had depression and anxiey myself …i see you had DID, that is the most bizarre illness…in my spare time i have been reading up about mental illnesses to educate myself, but DID is the hardest to understand…do you mind if i ask you a question or two

Were you aware of alters when you experienced them or were you totally unaware of them

Are these personalities different from your core personality

is experiencing DID like daydreaming,

as i said DID is difficult for me to understand, if you can enlighten me in any way i would very much appreciate it. Thanks

I had social anxiety disorder as a teenager.

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I had a friend with that, there is meds for it. He takes Citalopram.

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