Do You Think People With Serious Mental Health Conditions Should Clap The NHS?

This topic is for all forum members in the NHS Mental Health System who have been/currently been treated by them.I for one,and I understand I may upset many by saying this,WILL/HAVE NOT been clapping at 7pm outside by house.I for one think the treatment by the NHS for mental health is ongoing joke.Also the Mental Act needs to abolished ASAP, witn community care the best solution as recommended by WHO.The treatment of people sectioned under this terrible act is horrific,trucked in the back of police van,and when in hospital treated/less rights than a criminial in prison.

I completely agree, I have been treated terribly my cmht and psychiatrist.

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I have been treated well by my cpn.
But when they but handcuffs on me, it was very disgusting because they did it extremely tight. I was in pain the whole night whilst also in full blown psychosis with tactile hallucinations of me bubbling inside. Thinking I was going to die.
I asked them to loosen the handcuffs please because they were really hurting and the police lady ignored me.
I have to add, I did bite her, but I did apologise and it was due to my severe hallucinations.

When the handcuffs were finally released I had purple bruises all around both wrists.


I had an extremely good experience with my CPN, my consultant, and now I’m with the team that supports getting back to work all with the NHS

When I had my stays at a private hospital, it was a mixed bag, some of the staff cared about patients. Some didn’t.

The NHS has gone above and beyond for me however

@spiderpig well you are entitled to your opinion, but the general consensus is that The NHS Mental Health System is broken,needs to be drastically reformed and Mental Health Act Abolished.Check out the Charity Mind for more info on this

Treatment is far from perfect, but at least we’re not all locked in asylums. It has not been a long time since people were just thrown away

Doing treatment in the community gives some people some sort of fulfilment in life. I am yet to experience being a part of my community as I feel like I have been discarded by people around me.

The NHS in my area are rubbish at integrating people back into the community, and recovery seems to be used as an excuse to refer you back to a GP if they think they can lessen their case loads

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i have to disagree with the OP…im not british (irish) but have been in psych units in the uk on 4 occasions, two of them was when i was sectioned under the mental health act and brought to the psych hospital by the police…i didnt appreciate the police in how they dealt with me (locked up in a cell for 6 hrs) and then transfered to a psych hospital…but then i was put in a psych hospital which was very nice and modern with good food…i dont think you can complain much if you ever compared your services with other countries, eg i was hospitalised in belgium and the service there is bloody awful…they even gave me a bill for my hospital stay, they said all belgians have to contribute towards the cost of hospitalised…needless to say i didnt pay the bill as belgians/EU citizens get free healthcare in ireland…anyway im just saying that the NHS service is quite god indeed!


I’ve only experienced psychiatric hospitals in the states and Belgium and both sucked. Ran out of there as soon as I could. Don’t know about the UK. Maybe it’s a universal problem.


@karl iam commenting on my own experience and others I have spoken to in person where I live,who have had the same experience,straight outta of a horror movie, but I can’t comment on other countries mental health systems/care, I have know personal experience of it.

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It’s not my opinion. It’s my experience. I don’t know much about the mental heath act. But if you’re on about the sectioning of people, people may not like it but sometimes it’s very necessary.

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And also it’s not the fault of the NHS, how the police treat people when they pick them up in psychosis.

I was manic and kept trying to escape, the police were forceful and handcuffed me, which now I look back was newcessary as I was behaving like a wild card. My fault, not theres. They did what they had to do and ultimately they’re dealing with something there not used too. They do what they can.

I’ve also been strapped down in an ambulance, after I tried to shoot out the back of it like a missle trying to escape but was fortunately (unfortunately at the time) caught in mid air by my dad.

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@spiderpig Iam very sorry but Mental Health Act and Sectioning people is NOT neccesary at all check out WHO on this subject and their recommendations!

I completely disagree sorry.

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@spiderpig Fair enough but when you are told less than a month after being sectioned to GET A JOB! by the GREAT NHS, you might think very differently no more sick notes/benefits end off discussion

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Are you sure that’s the nhs and not the job centre?

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@spiderpig Iam very sorry,do not want to fall out with any members on this forum but NO it was the doctors working for the NHS,nothing to do with the Jobcentre,and very sorry to say it is the truth.My late Dad and best friend was furious about it.Also I have next too know support from them in the last 10 years.So you can get iam not a fan, I have also had work(well/not),and only support has been from friends and family iam afraid.

Hey we aren’t falling out, don’t worry! It’s just a discussion. I’m really sorry that you’ve had a bad experience. Is there anyone at all you can talk to about it ?


@spiderpig Hey, it’s all cool Mav doesn’t fall out with people,just telling my side of the story.But iam involved with the UK Charity Mind,fighting for us on all matter of issues like benefits,mental health act etc.

I’ve been looking into this charity, I’d heard of it,but never needed it as I had had a good experience and continue to do so. Do you speak to people from the charity? Do you have a CPN? How long have you been Ill for ? You could try refer yourself to EIP Team

Edited as suggestion before is only in my local area

Sorry if I’m intruding, but it’s bad here in the states, too. I’ve been slapped in restraints in the ambulance a majority of times. No violence, no threats, all cooperation. I’ve actually read an article by a US emt saying if you ask to have restraints removed that’s resistance/noncompliance.

The only excuse they could’ve had was that I have a Biggish build and a little extra size from moderate strength training. I don’t look like a pro wrestler or bouncer.

You really have no one to complain to. You can’t complain to the ambulance/hospital and counselors will make excuses or same old “If you had a weapon or were resisting…”

I’ve never even verbally gone after medical personnel, let alone physically.

Its not good, because, how are you to trust the people in the psych ward when you’re treated like a criminal.

Sometimes this diagnosis is like having the wrong ethnicity in an area full of bigots.

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