Cmht and their crap lol

Fired off an email after getting utter bollox from the “cpn” that sounded half asleep - and they blocked my number lol.

Review of course got rejected on the NHS website - cos it was not positive and they cover each others arses so they dont get a bad rating from the Care Quality Commision.

You really got to play the game with these Bstards sometimes - any hint you dissaprove of their advice and they block you.

Ive been dealing with MI for 30 bloody years - so im arsed if im gonna “dip my hat” to some 20 something cocky b!tch that just got her psychology out of university - and spouts platitudes as if i was born yesterday.

You gotta laugh. Im the only person that knows my brain. Not them ruddy idiots.

Ill have em. I promise you. lol.

//MOAN OVER :smiley:


I hate my local CMHT. I have to go to a CHMT depot clinic and I swear they hate me, particularly this one nurse who always hurts me when injecting me. My community nurse is arranging for the Intellectual disability team to do the injection as the CMHT team are rubbish.

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Things for me have only ever improved with CMHT when I get a decent psychiatrist.

My old one retired last October, and I didn’t get a replacement until March.

I was batted around and put on unnecessary treatments

The new pdoc is very good, and he kicks my CPN’s arse when he doesn’t do what he promises.

Has not resolved the car crash psychology though. Waste of time and money that was, yet so many pin hope on it.

Just like their service referring me for an Autism assessment, and then tell me they have no services, just diagnostics. Waste of time!

My team was good. My first cbt therapist she sometimes made me feel a bit funny. Like when I cried she seemed to get a bit annoyed lol!!Well maybe I misinterpreted but that’s how I felt.

And my first pdoc was nice but man was I nervous around him.

They blocked your number ? How are you supposed to call them if you need them ?


Are y’all in england? you are dealing with ■■■■■■■■.


Generally my team was good. I dunno where I’d be without them.

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That’s good to hear. There’s hope after all :blush:


I keep hearing horror stories about the British psychiatric system.

There are good people, but just too many to treat and not enough resources

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Why did they block your number? Were you being abusive?

I get excellent support under my treatment team. Not just psychiatry but general support needs like support workers and funding to do things day to day. I also have a great community nurse. All of the intellectual disability team are pretty good. My support funding costs Social Services £750 a week. The support is for company and to do food shopping or eat out/ cinema. I get 31 one to one hours a week. I even go one holiday abroad with support staff to mainland Europe, 5 day coach trips.

I could have this in direct payments which means I can purchase my own support. The’d pay that money to me. This on top of £26.000 a year benefit entailment.


My previous metal health trust was big on character assassination and low on giving help and support. I’ve heard the treatment of those later found to to be(also)on the spectrum leaves a lot to be desired.

I don’t have that much to say about my CMHRS service. They range from pretty crappy to okay. I’ve never been treated terribly, but there was staff that I really didnt like and I wish I made more of a fuss about. But its hard to know how justified it is.

I will say I’ve never really felt “supported” under CMHRS specifically. I would love to have someone to meet on a regular basis that would help me get my life in order - talk about things that bothered me, help me find things I can do that are productive. Help me plan my future etc.
I also really wish they would facilitate in house work schemes and not just hand me over to some job agency that doesn’t have my interests at heart at all.

But the NHS don’t want to fill either of those roles. Instead its just take your drugs and learn coping strategies so you are less of a bother to us.

The therapies they give are good (although ■■■■■■■ long wait). But I dunno, sometimes it does just seem like a way to pacify people, and not help people live better lives.

Oh and the other “wish” I had - why the ■■■■ do they give zero help with forms. I’m sure a huge amount of people that are in mental health services need help applying for benefits etc and they can’t give any at all. Its infuriating.

So far, I’ve been treated really well at the county mental health. I’ve been going there for 6 years. I don’t ever want to leave. My treatment is too good to leave

That’s exactly what is the case here in South Africa. They mean well but too many people.

My husband’s in hospital in psych ward and was admitted on Saturday morning very early. Still haven’t received any phone call telling me how he is. And it’s Friday tomorrow! It’s really infuriating! I will NOT wait till Monday to hear how he is!!!

Sorry to hear that - just not good enough


No i merely wanted my depot jab at home. They were being dismissive. And the woman sounded half asleep.

CMHTs are really hit or miss. Mine is fine, sometimes good, but still a huge potential for improvement if they would listen to patient feedback…

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