Do you think people around you generally liked or disliked you more?

Very positive, I really hoped I can think like you

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I have the tendency to be very nice, I don’t like to be nice but it just more comfortable for me to be nice

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I would say generally dislike, for those physically around me, but that could be paranoia?

My bf and others say I’m just being paranoid about being disliked at minimum if not hated, that they don’t speak ill of me right in front of me, but I for certain hear them talk about me one minute then tell me I’m hallucinating in the next. They insult me for my schizophrenic delusions, as though it makes it okay to hurt my feelings, and that I act like they’re torturing me.

It is extremely hard to believe they like me, because I can feel the vibe/energy of others–it’s mostly negative around me.

I feel that only my parents and brothers like me.
All others hate me.

The only friend I have is one cousin and online friends my other cousins ■■■■■■ out of my life for no reason and don’t like me cuz they blocked me off of Instagram and other won’t reply to my text … and my o my friend cousin is on my moms side which the ones who ■■■■■■ off that I spent my whole life being best cousins are on my dads side

IDK. I would say that there’s not a certain type of person who likes me.
The people who like me are very different and varied. That’s probably more true after I got clean and sober.

I couldn’t really honestly call myself a stoner, I smoked a lot of pot and took acid whenever it came around but in high school I was never really fully accepted by the stoners or anyone else but a few friends. Even though I sold pot to a lot of them and got stoned with them on occasion. They knew me.

But up to when I got clean the in 1990 my friends I gravitated to were people who at least smoked pot and drank.

And when I got addicted to crack and was doing a lot of powder cocaine so was everybody else I knew.

Once I got clean I had mainly one friend who came to AA meetings with me. He claimed to be an alcoholic addict but I knew that he wasn’t and called him on it several times but he loved the program and made friends with people so he wasn’t going to back down from that claim.

I knew him seven years before we lost touch and I have to admit he was a good person to hang around and we did a ton of fun stuff together. Interestingly enough, he was exactly ten years younger than me but the age difference never affected our friendship and he was a paranoid schizophrenic too.

IDK, I just seem to impress people sometimes and they like me, but I don’t do it on purpose. I still remember when I worked at Kohl’s for three years and I liked my boss who was black and I was friendly and talked to this 21 year old kid who happen to be black too and just the three of us were working together on the sales floor doing something one day and the kid turns to my boss and says, “Nick’s really cool, isn’t he”. and my boss said “Yeah”.

I like to think of that sometimes.

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I’m liked and hated. Gawd at the cricket club with that much testosterone it’s inevitable you butt heads with somebody. For most I’m a friendly, gregarious person with a sense of humor but there’s some I know who don’t like me. Had one dude who actually came after me when I was secretary of the club there one year. It was nuts…

So. It doesn’t really impact me but I’m a generally warm person in real life…but your never, ever going to please everyone in life.


I’ve always been socially awkward . It was seen as an acceptable excuse to tease me at prep school, and subject me to quite severe verbal bullying at public school.

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I have very few friends…i think

I don’t care any more and focus on my goals and those who want to truly be friends instead of use me.

I’m sorry you went through that @firemonkey. In first through fourth grade I got beat up a lot and in fifth and sixth grade I got in fights but fought back. Were you beat up too?

Nothing physical.

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For people who actually know me I am liked. But for individuals who know of me I feel like I am disliked or looked down upon.

This ^^^^^^^^^^^

Couldn’t have said it better

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I think more people dislike me than like me. People usually like me on first meeting me but after getting to know me a bit, they usually come to dislike me. A lot. It’s been this way all of my life.

I am extremely socially awkward.
I think a lot of people dont like me and feel uncomfortable around me.
The only people I think that really like me is my family.
I really want friends but that doesn’t seem like it will ever happen.

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