Do you think it’s important to tell boyfriend/girlfriend about your diagnosis?

Or is it none of their business

I have been in this situation once, and I disclosed with no problem

Depends on the person, and how long the relationship has been going on for.

Personally now this scares the ■■■■ out of me, as if I go on dating sites I get really self-conscious that I have this horrible secret I am hiding from people

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If it’s going to be a committed relationship then disclosure is essential. I disclosed to the gal who is now my wife a few weeks into dating. She’s still putting up with me over two decades later.


You definitely need to tell your significant other. Like if it’s a committed relationship they deserve to know.

that way they can support you. And it helps build trust.


We have the two a mental illness

I’d say it would be fairly obvious as the relationship progresses in any case. Hard not to talk about something which is a big aspect of your life with someone so important.

Yes, I think it’s important.

I guess we have to, I wouldn’t do it right away so they can have a open mind. Get started dating first so they get to see who you really are and then tell when the time feels right in the right manner. Like it’s not a big problem and that you’re managing the situation.

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yes, it’s really important.

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If it’s a problem, they probably shouldn’t be your boyfriend/girlfriend.

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If it is a serious relationships they should know this part of your life.

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Once kept it hidden for 6 months he was really annoyed I hadn’t trusted him with something so important

Told my now husband when I couldn’t lie and it was after meeting the third time

In my case when I wanted to marry I never told my husband-to-be of my sza as I thought it was just depression and that it was cured. Although I did relapse shortly before the time, I thought it was just stress as there were big changes in my life. 2012 was a hectic year for me. Then the following year I was told I still have schizo.

With him also, he told me of epilepsy but he didn’t say anything about his mental health problems.

It was a gradual disaster and now our marriage has ended.

It’s sooooo important to tell a committed partner of your illness. Otherwise it could end in big problems


If its a casual thing,

Or the beginning of a relationship,

It’s none of their business.

When things start getting serious,

You should tell them.

But at that point, in my experience, it doesn’t come as a huge surprise.


Please keep locked in your house broh that schizo thing is contagious

Nah, broh.

I’m spreading this schizo everywhere.



I told my gf like 3rd date. But I also did something really stupid after the first meetup (which we didn’t really discuss if we considered it officially a date or a meetup) so i spilled the beans. I prob would of waited longer if that didn’t happen

I wouldn’t expect acceptance and I don’t see how it would help anything.

I’ve gone years with little support and it hasn’t mattered.

The support I’ve gotten here in the group home has had little to do with symptoms.

More like when I confessed terrible abuses on the part of my mother starting from early childhood.

And how I didn’t use to see value in myself because of it.

Seems like bad advice to me.

The illness is such a small part of knowing me.

My hospitalizations tended to be because of an abusive M.I. mom and not crises.

Like she would have me hospitalized and the ward doctor made up the excuse they were “Adjusting my meds.”


More like getting me sicker and sicker.

They won’t happen again.

Yes its important but not on a first date. Maybe 2nd-3rd.

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As far as I’m concerned I could meet someone good and stay with them until I’m 90.

Just because I don’t wish to cohabitate nor marry doesn’t make me a man-ho.