Do you think it’s important to tell boyfriend/girlfriend about your diagnosis?

I may be different, but even if I make new friends or start to date someone I will be upfront and tell them right away, just me personally. Considering how much stigma there is and how unknown it still is id rather have transparency.

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it depends on when i feel comfortable to tell them which would be from first date to up to 3rd or 5th date.

i would feel very uncomfortable to keep it secret for much longer as it is a huge part of my life!

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there was once a point where i mentioned on my dating profile that i have a mental illness so i lack in motivation and dont do much :rofl:

but then you live and you learn

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Sometimes I think I may have psychosis as the result of repeated abuse and not schizophrenia.

I’m not saying that to anyone on my treatment team.

There are enough similarities that the same treatments are effective.

When I’m in an environment in the apartments with people in a similar socio economic background I’ll be so happy to go ahead and do it.

To put myself out there.

I get some looks when I go out and sometimes meet friendly people but I don’t think anyone wants to date someone who lives in a group home.

Scratch that.

I know that.

It’s a case of Namistai. The light within me sees and honors the light within them.

I was afraid to mention that because this is a schizophrenia site.

I thought it may hurt my ability to continue to fit in.

It would seem tasteless to mention some of the ways I am different that my friends and acquaintances here struggle with.

I don’t think you have to tell anyone that your schizophrenic. You could just say I take meds to calm down and act funny if I don’t take them. You don’t want to scare them. I mean like if your just dating and not living together or that serious. Even if the relationship is serious or you are married I don’t think you have to be so like o I have schizophrenia I hear voices like just play it cool some things are best kept between yourself and your doctor.

I met my wife at work, think our coworkers told her when she joined the team that I have had psychosis. But told her on the first date since MI came up as a topic.

What was the result?

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I still got people responding. My picture was nice tbf. And I guess some guys don’t mind so much

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This is encouraging…

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In general I think it’s easier for women to get a date then men, on dating sites, but finding a compatible person was hard for me.

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I usually find women with the same diagnosis