Do you think i can lose weight with this diet?

morning wake up call: veggie juice (celery, baby carrots, 1 apple, pinch of cayenne pepper)

breakfast: fruit smoothie, scrambled eggs w/ cheese and salsa

lunch: 2 turkey burgers w/salsa (no bun) large garden salad

dinner: rice and chicken, steamed veggies

pre-bed meal: bbq salmon.

im not sure if I will lose weight, but I suppose it’s a little healthier, high in protein for muscle gains. I also will be drinking a liter or 2 of water each day. I think im a bit dehydrated at the moment.

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It depends what and how much you’re eating now. I wouldn’t suggest eating the same thing every day, though. You need more variety to get all the nutrients you need. But, generally, it looks good.

Good luck.

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thanks, lately I’ve been filling up on carbs and eating twice a day. this will be more protein, I know it’s not quite keto, but I think I need some carbs if im going to be working or doing cardio each day. Im just not that creative with recipes, I like to keep things simple and don’t like to spend a lot of time in the grocery getting different ingredients so I often eat the same thing everyday.

Do you have a slow cooker?

yes I do but I never use it.

You can usually buy boneless/skinless chicken thighs pretty cheap. If you slow cook those, they shred SUPER easy. It usually takes me about 5 minutes to shred 3 pounds. Season half with taco seasoning for easy fajitas, nachos, and taco salads. Leave the other half plain or season with something else for salads and such.

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ok thanks for the tip. will try that.

Oh, and to double up on ingredients (bell peppers for fajitas and nachos)/cut carbs, you could try those bell pepper nachos that I posted the other day. They tasted amazing and bonus, no carbs from the chips.

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Your diet sounds delicious.

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You’ll only lose weight really if you can sustain it and the same meal every day can get boring. I like your short term chances but question how things will go in the long term.

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