Losing weight?

Recently tried to lose weight. Tried 16.oz iced cappucino with suger free sweetner in the morning and chicken and vegetables for lunch. Successfully lost 5 pounds in 4 days. But today got off the diet because my face looked too drawn and tired. Decided to go off diet but i still want to lose weight. I think i was consuming 500 calories or less.

Yeah no carbs will make you tired like that. Good work though, just maybe too good!

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Consuming 500 calories or a less is a bit worrying to do since it’s quite little.
You could try having salads instead of fatty or calorie filled foods, but it’s good to have some carbs in your diet also and a little bit of sugar for energy.
I would say for breakfast have a milk and honey drink, I mix milk, a teaspoon or 2 of honey then a little squeeze of lemon juice,may sound weird but it tastes refreshing,not too sweet and will help you through the day so you could have that and an hobnob biscuit or 2 since they have oats in them and a little bit of chocolate but you can also get ones without chocolate.
For lunch you could have a salad and some pitta bread with fat free humous,delicious and will probably fill you up a bit because bread is filling,also when eating when eating slowly it helps send signals to your brain to tell you when you’ve eaten enough so that is highly recommended,I sometimes eat fast and forget when to stop eating xD
Dinner could be some boiled rice with some kind of healthy sauce on the top with a little bit of meat and vegetables if your a meat eater but cook the meat and make sure the fat is taken off,frying cooks the meat in the fat so it’s not really healthy, if you a vegeterian like I am I would have a bit of samon or some stuffed peppers.

My mom and I just started with a holistic nutritionist. She claims we’ll lose weight by changing our desires. Your body wants to eat healthy you just need to change the signals. When you deprive yourself the desire builds more and more until you’re using all of your willpower not to give in. It doesn’t need to be that hard. Most people have candida bacteria in their bodies that causes all kinds of problems and it craves sugar and flour so because it’s in your brain it almost over powers you to eat it’s food. So taking a probiotic to kill it will cure your cravings for sweets. She’s teaching us simple changes we can make. It’s more than losing weight it’s a new lifestyle. I’m even smoking less. That’s great you have the desire to lose weight. Maybe look into seeing a holistic nutritionist so it’s not so hard.


I’ve been gradually losing weight on my diabetic diet. My blood sugar’s almost down to normal. I take zyprexa. No special foods - I eat pretty much what I want if the carb count is right.


Very cool news. I’m really glad for you.

i started a diet but quickly lost interest bcoz it was too strict. i lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks but i’ve probably put that back on as i’ve had a few take outs since then. my daughter wants me to eat like her, helthy and mainly vegetarian. so tonight i’m going to have my last binge then i’m really going to try hard to lose this 2 stone. unfortunately i like all the wrong things. it’s not that i don’t like healthy food, i just don’t have the motivation to cook it. i must try harder. plus with the weather being so bad i haven’t been walking my two miles a day like i usually do. i will try harder starting tomorrow. maybe we should start a diet thread?

ive lost 2and a half stone in 3months, changed my lifestyle changed my diet i do 16km maratons most days, gotta keep going

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Not all vegetarians eat healthy or loose a lot of weight,I myself am vegetarian and I mainly just stay the same weight.