Do you think facebook is benficial for schizohprenics?

I think it has been beneficial to me. It’s hard for me to handle rejection even on facebook. LOL It hurts when i don’t get many likes i take it so personally!!! But for the most part it has been beneficial. I have a small group of people on there. Most who are aware i have mental health issues although they may not know the specifics. most are family and a few friends. And usually they do respond and are supportive whenever i post. What has REALLY been beneficial for me is that the last 20 years kind of flew by. I was struggling with mental health and relationship issues. I have nothing in common actually with a lot of my old friends and family and lost touch with all of them. But looking up people that i knew and seeing what they are up to and have accomplished. It’s made me want more for my life. It’s made me want to be proud of who i am. I may not be a successful mother and career oriented person ever in my life. Probably not in the cards for me. BUT i do want to have goals and i do want to accomplish them and be proud of who i am.

I will add that i only like facebook as a small group with mostly people that i know like and care for me. I don’t like strangers to be on my page. But i enjoy the social communication and for the most part i think benefit from it.

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I don’t think facebook or even linkedin is beneficial. In fact I think it makes you vulnerable to identity theft.

I am glad it’s working for you. It has potential for good I guess.

But for me? OH no, I have a huge problem with Facebook. I really don’t like it. All those girls who get bullied into committing suicide on FB and the sheer amount of spying that goes on there… I have a true problem with it. It’s not for me.


i like facebook as well, i have a select few friends a modest 18 lol but thay are all friends i that i have known but i only really talk to about 5 of them regulary, i like it when people respond and like my comments and i keep my page private as well,

i love posting things that i have accomplished and also pictures of cream cakes haha

I find Facebook very beneficial. I use it to see what my friends are up to, since we don’t talk on the phone a lot. I’m not good with talking on the phone (my mind goes blank and I can’t think of things to talk about). And there’s only so much that you can communicate via text messaging. So Facebook is a great way for me to communicate with the people that matter to me.

I only have my REAL friends on my friends list. No acquaintences or people I don’t know. And I keep everything private, because I don’t want strangers to know anything about me.

So, for me, it’s a fun and easy way to communicate.



Facebook can really get me angry honestly. I get super aggitated at the a-hole opinions of people on there. I really have to limit my activity on there and deleted a lot of jerk friends from the past who post hateful comments on discussions people have.

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I sometimes get paranoid and think ppl are tracking me. Then I stop posting on facebook, I’m not even there. But when all gets better I go back and noone even noticed I was gone. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 178 friends. Most of them are co-workers and relatives.

Wow, I don’t think I even know that many people.

I was getting really upset with FB last year. My kid sis just started her job and there was a co-worker who always wanted to take work arguments to the facebook forum and not leave them at work. He started sort of calling everyone names on facebook and really being nasty about the fact that none of the female lifeguards wanted to date him. (gee; wonder why??) She took down her page completely and hasn’t gone back. When she sighs with relief these days and says her co-workers are having a Facebook tiff, and she’s no way involved… It just makes me more glad I’m not a part of it.
She said one of the guards on her team got fired for calling in sick a lot but then posting pictures of herself partying at clubs. (Underage :open_mouth:)

I delete friends that are being stupid or have strange oppinions. Like a guy I met in a support group for tourette’s who wanted to be my friend thought that gay ppl are worth less than others, he posted lots of pictures of Jesus and texts where he declared his mind. I deleted him almost at once. My cousine is gay and has a kid. She is a lovely mother, and so is her wife.


The things I see just on other peoples FB make me cringe.

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I had a big network before I got ill. That is why I have so many friends on FB. I know who all of them are but I only have 2 close friends that I can call or visit amost any time of the day.

Ithink I have about 200 facebook friends…maybe a handful are friends I actually see from time to time. Back on Myspace long ago, I had thousands of people on my friend list. That’s back when I wrote online and did a lot of social media marketing.

What annoys me about facebook is childish spies. If I say something controversial there, it gets reported to some of my relatives who aren’t even online and I have to listen to crap about it.

i only have family on there. i found a support group on there too. a few. for sz. but people from there want to add me from groups like these and im not sure…

everyone is right about the spying though. especially with family spying haha.

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While my bi-polar wife gets on her Facebook page I come here. I have so much more in common with the people here than I do with her family and friends. I have one old friend that I text and email with. Other than that this site is my Facebook.

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I’m on Facebook. Most of my friends behave themselves. The only posts I cringe at are some family members who are on the religious right. I don’t worry about people spying on me because I just don’t have personal stuff on there. I have one pic of me and a few photos of my town. I started it in college so it was never a personal space. I’m used to keeping things private on the net, because I’ve mostly posted on forums and the like where secrecy was the norm.