Do you like this site more than facebook

I don’t know what facebook is like, but I was just wondering.

I don’t like Facebook but I love this site.

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yes, I like this site better.

Facebook has over 2 billion active users whereas the schizophrenia forum has less than 500 active members.

I really like Facebook marketplace where I can buy & sell things and stuff.

I like this site better, too. I feel like people are nicer to me here.

They serve different purposes, it’s kinda like comparing apples and oranges.

Facebook is good for following your interests and keeping up with the news.

This website is good for anonymity and talking with others who have schizophrenia. Facebook has schizophrenia groups but you don’t have anonymity, even private Facebook groups use your real identity.

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I reduced my FB to a few people, it’s more of a “supportive” group of friends than before when I was adding everyone in life lol thank god for the unfriend button

i don’t like facebook but i really like this site =)

When I first used Facebook it was hip and trendy. People would post things about their day and had convos with other people all the time. Then when they made the feed non chronological, I think everyone slowly went off the idea of posting stuff because it seemed too easy to stalk people.

For me, there is next to nothing of interest on facebook. There are some anti conservative groups that I like and that’s about it.

I come to this place a few times a day (usually more) and stay to respond to people. I go to facebook maybe once every couple of days - and there is always no reason to stay.

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I am more active on here than facebook i only have facebook so i dont lose contact with the few friends i have.

I’m here everyday, and don’t even have a Facebook account.

It was a toxic place, too many people trying to contact me. Brought back some unsavory people. Ex’s. Still have this one in Vegas that tries to get a hold of me every couple of years, wants me to come visit.

It’s much safer here, better for my mental health.

I like this site better than the groups on facebook.

I like the ability that Facebook gives me to completely block everything from certain users. Discourse needs that feature.

I like it here

Facebook has privacy issues

Lots of ppl have unregistered from Facebook

I deleted my facebook account. I don’t agree with the design. It’s perfect for stalkers and also there is the additctivity issue. They make it as addictive as possible posting as many posts that affect you to “your benefit”. And there’s way too many adds and commercial stuff. I don’t believe the whole world has to use this app. There are many ways to connect with people that are more subtle and secure.

Most people i know obsess over facebook - with the selfies, what a great picture their 6 year old did at nursery and other bollox with dumb filtered pictures.

It serves a purpose for the “normies” out there. But its not my cuppa tea. But then im a billy no mates - and the only digital footprint i leave is on this site.

Yes, I like this site more than facebook. I deleted my facebook account…twice.

I am much more open about my problems here and my emotional needs for venting frustration.

I do not want to worry my family nor open up to my family inter family squabbles. Its just a different format for how I express myself.

On facebook I connect with groups I’m interested in for hobbies. Other then that I just chat sometimes about something I’m doing.

I like both sites, they each got their uses

I stay off of Facebook. I relate well to members on this forum.