Do you think being wealthy makes you suffer less

He also does plastic surgery and wanted to make my nose look better, I refused lmao If I did it I had to wear something on my nose for 6 months! The surgery I did was for sinus polyps, it was successful and I was able to breath much better.

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It’s definitely better to be wealthy. Discrimination against schizophrenia is even worse if you’re poor.


I don’t know about being wealthy, but I like to have savings, as I work and if my health goes south for a few months I can get through it.

I have more money than I ever have had in the past, and because of that, I know how to respect it and look after it. (Minus the random eBay purchase today!)


Do you mean 100 grand in yearly income or 100 grand in savings?


And that’s how they get rich!


I recently ran out of money, lost a good job. had to take an entry level low pay job.
Its much harder when you barely have enough to pay bills or wonder if your car breaks down what you can do if you cannot really afford to fix it.
It opened my eyes to what a lot of people go through in the lower income range.
I’d say its more stressful to have less money.

Thats a lot of money for a doctor, but i bet they pay a lot in malpractuce insurance and income tax especially in Canada. I dunno lol.

Theyre still rich.

My older niece wants to be a dentist and my younger niece is a genius. My younger niece should be a psychiatrist, but id be equally happy if she was an engineer. Both are smart. Its not my business or choice. Covid made their studies harder.

My step dad’s step daughter’s husband from a previous marriage was a plastic surgeon. I guess he made 500k-1mm a year im guessing. My step father is an engineer but we got poor in 2008. He was a successful engineer but makes minimum wage now at 70. He made stupid mistakes/choices in life, but im grateful he’s in my life now. He used to make me paranoid…

My dad’s cousin is a millionaire but we’re middle class/commoners.

I have schizophrenia and no wealth, but i believe it will all come in place if i get better/cured. Im smart and have some potential.

Ive never been or seen or experiemced what rich is like lol. Its alien like a different reality.

Ive been poor my whole life but at college i knew there were rich people there…

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Imagine all those doctors, nurses, and butlers waiting on you 24/7. Yes, being rich helps. Probably get cured too…

Money helps immeasurably. Getting behind on bills puts me in a bad mental place.

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It think it helps if you can pay for food, housing, transportation of some sort, some sort of health insurance, and can pay the basic bills. As long as you have those things you wont have to suffer extra. You can be low income and happy. But being impoverished is horrible and causes tremendous suffering. I’m low income, but I still have a home and a family and while we can’t do anything like vacations or eating out or putting the kids in sports etc we are still happy in our marriage

Having been homeless, I’d say the answer is a resounding yes. Having food and shelter security are huge. Having comforts is … comforting.


Money is important and makes life easier. I don’t know what it is like to be wealthy though. I was homeless too - know how it is to be unable to eat and have no shelter. Money buys the basic necessities. However, I don’t think about being wealthy but being without debt. I worry more about debt than earning a lot of money. I live within my means and don’t buy anything with credit cards. I am so far doing ok. Some people earn a lot of money but spend more than they earn. This is not wise. The best approach is to live within your means and put some money away for savings. I don’t think I’ll ever be wealthy so I never worry about it- I can’t answer the question. I do worry about my future though, and I am working and saving for rainy days.

I think it is better to be wealthy, a little bit. For example, I have a beach house. I get to enjoy myself when I go to the beach house. Ernest Hemingway was wealthy and he committed suicide. It is a blessing to be wealthy. It also depends how poor you are. It is way better to be wealthy than being poor as it gets. I have never been poor, so I am not positive…what is it like. It also depends on how much technology there is. For example, if you were wealthy around 70 years ago…it is different.

That is nice you have a beach house! Well, I never had such luxury items so I don’t miss them. Your family is wealthy so that is nice. I think for most ordinary people, money is important to a limit. I never had much money but am happy with my life. I could have stayed on the streets and never gotten out of such a situation. I think happiness is relative and is not dependent on being wealthy. But, I am happy for you that you have the means to enjoy a beach house. If you are happy, that is all that matters regardless of your wealth.

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I just realized, even if I was super wealthy…I still would be suffering my butt off. Only if I didn’t have a job, and had zero friends.

If you’re wealthy and you have good brains you’re happier, but wealth alone won’t do it. I read about one guy who had won the lottery, and he had demolition derbies in the back yard of his mansion. Needless to say, his money did not last long. I met one guy who inherited $800,000, and he spent it all on cocaine. Money helps a lot, but you have to have good judgement too.


i got enough money to help me and my parents get through life. Being wealthy would be nice but i’m ok with what i have… i’m glad i get help from the government and i’m really thankful for it.