Do you start to get paranoid or hear more voices if you don't sleep or sleep less?

Do you start to get paranoid or hear more voices if you don’t sleep or sleep less?

I didn’t slept well yesterday, 4 hours only, I’m feeling a bit paranoid now.

Look at the directions where are voices coming from

Turn the radio on corrupt station and turn the vol up

@Valhalla ,

I only hear voices inside my mind, not outside.

I get VERY stressed with any lack of sleep. I made the mistake of staying up all night to watch a televised referendum results show being broadcast once…boy was that a bad day!!! I was imagining all sorts of evil being plotted against me. Nearly fell out with my whole family. That only went away the following night after I got sleep

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Imagine ur self talking with ur self like with one like you
And tell yourself ur not real

@jenny8022 ,

When I don’t sleep or don’t sleep well, I get worse and start to hear more voices or start to get more paranoid.

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First thing u need to do is relax ur body every part specially ur eyes
Lay down keep calm
And tell ur self that there is no such thing and cut the thinking keep relaxing fight for it u will make it

When I couldn’t sleep for 5 days straight I was paranoid that I would die of lack of sleep.

Calm down and tell ur self that u are very relaxed and u want to dream

Yes; my paranoia skyrockets when I don’t get an adequate amount of sleep. Sometimes it would get to the point that I would start hearing voices again. Luckily, I don’t have this problem much anymore. :slight_smile:

lack of sleep and psychosis go hand in hand. before my first hospitalization I stayed awake for four days and was tasting bug spray, hearing voices and seeing bugs everywhere. The hospitalization kind of helped but I missed my partner so I lied to get out early. not a suggestion! I was still heavily paranoid and seeing things. but the meds soon kicked in and helped.

are you on meds? have you talked to a doctor about your lack of sleep? try chamomile tea or sleepy time tea

im terrible if i dont sleep or sleep less xx

I get excited before anything out of the ordinary. Then, I don’t sleep and have to go ahead the following day. Unhappily, it happens a lot to me. Big bummer!


I slept for about one hour last night and I feel really paranoid like people are out to get me for something. I listen to them cough at me and think that they are trying to tell me something by coughing, something subtle that I have to figure out on my own that they can’t really say to me face to face

Nothing has ever changed due to lack of sleep, but once I tried to take a sleep aid and that triggered the most bizarre voice occurrence of my life. I can always tell when one of my guys are talking to me and I can always tell where there voice is coming from, but this time was so oddly different. I like to listen to let’s plays to help me sleep, but after the video stopped, I could still hear a conversation between the two let’s players. I didn’t even realize the video was over until a few full minutes later. Hear I was, listening to these two argue about silent hill, but the conversation wasn’t real, and it wasn’t like it was from my normal guys. It was just so jarring since it was so different.

If I don’t get enough sleep, then I tend to end up having psychosis. I end up having auditory and visual hallucinations. Plus, I start having delusions that the devil and his demons are after me. I also get extreme anxiety. I start taping up my vertical blinds and put a picture that covers the glass on my front door, so they cannot see in and get me. It gets bad. I still hear and see things from time to time, but it goes out of control when I don’t get enough sleep. Stress can also bring it on for me.

I use sleeping pills . Do you?

I didn’t go to bed till about 2 am and when I went I didn’t want to fall asleep last night cause I had to get up early today for my pdoc appointment. So I figured I shud stay awake so it’s not hard to get up. To answer your question, I do not use sleeping pills.