Lack of sleep and delusions

Why does a lack of sleep always result in an increase or stronger delusions?

Wasn’t able to sleep for over 24 hours and my voices were awful. Heard all kinds of sound effects. Every time I fell a sleep would wake up in a minute cause of voices or sound effects in my head. Finally got to sleep and feel good now. Still hearing voices but gone way down and far more manageable.

Obviously it makes sense just don’t understand why it gets just that much stronger when you’re tired is it an increase in dopamine?

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lack of sleep makes everything worse.


With sz i think the biggest problem it’s like going 36 hours straight with no break from the voices and the mind starts to break

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meds have stopped my voices almost completely. I feel relieved but I also miss them. you hear voices now?

I do. I have got rid of them 3 times. Not sure exactly how they came back. But I do remember missing them to some degree and once in a while trying to test my sanity by trying to see if my mind could re-hear them. I wouldn’t recommend doing that though. As this time I have been hearing my voices for 3 straight with possibly no end in sight.

I tried to re-hear them too. are you on meds?

Yes I’m on invega sustenna injection. But I will be going on clozapine soon.

A lack of sleep can make anyone’s brain not work correctly. If i don’t sleep i’m definitely going to be delusional once the 24 hour mark hits.

Lack of sleep gives your brain less power to resist.
I don’t know if it does something to lower or raise your dopamine levels.

Someone once told me that staying awake for 36 hours makes the brain start to act similar to the way it does when it’s drunk.

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Lack of sleep triggers schizophrenia thats for sure…!!!

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The same thing happens to me, and I also tend to see shadow people on sleep deprivation.

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